Environmental Stress Remedies

If your fish is sick, clean the tank, they say. The fish gets better. 

We all know there are countless sources of environmental stress that poison the ‘tank’ we swim is less than ideal.  Airborne and waterborne chemicals, metals in our buildings and in the products we use, chemicals in what we eat and drink, loud or repetitive noises, electromagnetic radiation  from phones, WIFI, smart meters… etc, etc, etc.

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Throat Care

Homeopathic care for Sore Throats

Say  ‘ahhh.’  Red swollen and painful, a sore throat  lets you know  it is time to pay attention to what your body needs. Especially after big blows  or sudden icy storms, a sore throat may spell the beginning of a cold  or a flu. it might comes from a  virus or bacteria, an allergy,  nutritional deficiency or general inflammation.  Treat the throat and boost the immune. Read on to see what remedies can alleviate symptoms and put you on a firm road to good health

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Pollen allergy, girl sneezing in a field of flowers

Homeopathic Remedies for Hay Fever

Ahh… the perfume of linden trees, climbing jasmine, freshly cut grass … intoxicating for some, quasi-toxic for those who suffer from hay fever or ‘la febbre da fieno’, as the Italians call it.
Every spring and summer flowers, trees and grasses send pollen into the air, especially in the months of April and May.. aaachoooo!

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Immune System Boosts during Pandemics

By early March, 2020 the corona virus pandemic had  begun to grip the entire world with fear.  Many have become afflicted with the fever, tight chest and loss of smell that characterise this contagious malady. Most people are healing; some are not. Government-ordered self-isolation, social distancing, the closing of public places seem to be working; numbers of sufferers are beginning to drop in some countries. 

If you have kept it at bay up to know, well done. There are things you can do to stay healthy and happy in quarantine. 

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homeopathy for injuries Robbins

Homeopathy for Injuries

HYou take a spill, put your back out, catch your finger in the door. Ouuuuuch!  Sharp pains, persistent muscle spasms, inflamed angry knees. Maybe you are a slow healer or you have a propensity to turn your ankle, bump into things. Or an arm or a leg has been out of function for awhile and is now barking: ‘nope!’ A first natural remedy to reach for is homeopathy. Why? No side effects, for starters. And for speedy healing, which banishes stiffness and restriction and puts you on your feet sooner. Better yet, homeopathy restores your confidence alongside the physical improvements

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Holiday indigestion find a remedy on Robbins homeopathy

Holiday Indigestion

Ho ho ho ……hmmmm 

Toast the winter holidays with glasses of bubbly.  Feast on delectable appetisers, heavy, sauce-laden main courses and rich, sumptuous desserts.  Wash it down with velvety wines. Perhaps a cordial or a liquor-laced coffee to follow? You may indulge   with family and friends when it’s cold and stormy outside. If your insides stage violent storms of protest, afterwards, reach for a remedy. Read on to treat discomfort after eating, stomachache, acidity, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating and flatulence.   Ho ho ho hhmmmmm

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Eye problems Hom Rx Robbins Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies for Eye Problems

Your eyes are vital and precious organs; vision is the most valued sense.  Conjunctivitis, styes and eyestrain respond well to homeopathic remedies. When the eye is hit by something, homeopathy can help as a rescue response. Always consider a visit to the doctor for complications. Below find several useful remedies for the common problems above.

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