Thrush from top to bottom

Ooooofff! The itch! Mmmphh! the creamy white discharge in your underwear. Thrush is a common yeast infection found in the vagina. It makes terribly white patches in the mouth, too.

In the mouth, there are white lesions on the tongue and inside the cheeks. The corner of the mouth is often red, cracked and sore. 

In the vagina, thrush is characterized by itching, pain and unusual discharge.  Often there’s more frequent urination and a stinging feeling when the urine comes out. Severe bloating with a distended abdomen, flatulence, and tiredness after meals are other signs of this infection.  Sometimes there’s a craving for sugar or carbs, breads or alcohol, which worsen symptoms, of course.

Thrush redness and soreness can appear in the armpits, the groin and between the fingers.

Other signs of candida overgrowth include fungal problems of the skin, allergies, foggy brain or low mood, period pains, joint pains or ear nose and throat complaints. Both men and women are affected

What causes it? a debilitated immune system.  Stress. Antibiotics and birth control pills encourage candida overgrowth. Pregnant women are prone to thrush.

What to do? Homeopathic remedies are gentle enough for babies or pregnant women and offer holistic care without side effects. Here are the main ones that relieve these uncomfortable symptoms.


Lots of saliva, a yellow-coated tongue, sore, spongy gums and bad breath point to Merc sol.

White lesions in the mouth and on the tongue, especially in children benefit from Borax. The mouth is tender and hot with a bitter taste. Touch causes bleeding. 

Redness with white patches in the mouth, usually inside the cheeks and on the tongue indicates Candida Albicans

Nit ac addresses splinter-sharp pains and smelly breath. A clean tongue has central patches.


Sepia patients suffer severe itching and sharp pains. The vaginal discharge is milky yellow with lumps.

When discharge is creamy and thick and the vulva is swollen Pulsatilla is well-indicated.

If itching is the main complaint and the genitals are red, hot and swollen with an inflamed vulva, Helonias can be very effective.

Frequent profuse yellow discharge that itches (and stiffens in the underwear: charming!)  is alleviated with Alumina. Itchiness decreases with washing. Discharge is worse before and after the monthly period. 

Abdominal cramps that accompany a stinging, burning discharge, worse before the period, point to Sulphur.

Natural help you can introduce for thrush:

Try my Thrushaway Green Smoothie as a daily tonic and immune system support

Avoid stimulants: coffee, tea, alcohol and sweets

Wear cotton underwear and shun perfumy deodorants or powders 

Douche with live culture yogurt: 8 oz yogurt to 3 pints boiled cooled water

Or douche with 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice with 1/2 pint boiled cooled water. 

Supplements include Vit C and the B complex, even primrose oil.

Get in touch if you have some of the above Thrush symptoms. I have a remedy.

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