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Foot troubles

Foot pain makes walking impossible.  Refresh and heal, make walking a pleasure  with the right homeopathic remedy.  

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Main causes of foot pain are bone spurs, Achilles tendon, plantar fascia, bone and joint troubles, high uric acid  and peripheral neuropathy.

Too much walking or standing? Try Arnica

Swollen burning? Look at Apis

Tendonitis from Achilles Tendon pains is well-served with Rhus tox.

Hot smelly and sweaty with pain in the heel or big toe that is worse at night respond well   to Silicea.

Here’s a quick walk through what best treats bone spurs.

Sharp, pointy bone spurs, mainly in the heel,  make every step a piercing reminder that you’d rather sit down.  But getting around needs feet. Here are three main  homeopathic remedies to lessen the pain, possibly eliminate it:

Aranea Diadema treats  a deep digging discomfort in the heel.

If walking makes a stitching rip of pain much worse, look at Ammonium Mur

Calcarea Fluor can dissolve bone spurs over time and lessen pain in the heel. The Calc Fluor tissue salt can act alongside, as a support to give strength and resilience to bones, and make connective tissue more elastic. It helps absorb supportive minerals and can be given over a period of months. 

Put a foot right with a good remedy.   

Tell me what’s bothering you most;  let’s see if we can put you back on your feet.

IBS bloating stomach indigestion Robbins Homeopathy

Bloated and baggy? Here’s a four-fold path to IBS relief

Irritable Bowel Syndrome occurs when bloating and cramps challenge intestinal function and bowel habits change notably. While there’s no known cause, stress and diet are the main suspects. IBS may not permanent the intestines damage (no bleeding of the bowel) its constant or erratic discomfort is debilitating. Homeopathy offers a natural, wholistic solution by treating the person and not his ailment. How did you get where you are? Homeopathy provides a unique remedy that addresses how you cope and your specific symptoms.  Read on for a four-fold path to IBS relief 

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Elders Rejuvenate with Homeopathy

‘When I was a wee whippersnapper, we milked the cows at dawn and walked 20 miles to the old brick schoolhouse…’

Heard something similar from Grandpa as he tells you that you’ve got it good? Heard it 100 times? Elderly people are often absent-minded and forgetful. If there’s a change to the routine…. “Whoa, Nelly!”, the heebie jeebies set in.

For five top remedies to help Grandpa pull up his socks (he gets dizzy when he bends over, see) read on:

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Suppress and Drive Deeper; why homeopathy welcomes Redbeard

Say someone has an itchy skin rash on her chin. Wearing a mask covers it up. But she still looks like Redbeard when the mask comes off. After a visit to the doctor, her rash disappears because she rubbed on the prescribed steroidal cream. Tra la, she’s cured! A few months later her stomach begins acting up; problems with digestion – intestinal cramps, bloating and gas, heartburn after eating – prompt a second doctor’s visit for an antiacid.

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Spotty Teen Homeopathy for Acne

Spotty Teens

And we thought the terrible twos were tricky!  When the hormones come marching in they bring a parade of stresses caused by the physical and emotional shifts they trigger.

Puberty can be delayed or premature and when it does come it can  confuse  and frighten the child whose body is changing.  Peer pressures,  academic performance create insecurity, uncertainty,  fears and low self-esteem. Identity and belonging issues challenge friend and family relations.

Homeopathy offers an array of useful remedies for emotional and physical support. Read on to learn of five top remedies that address a top teen trouble:  Acne. Future posts will address common emotional discomforts of growing up.

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