COUGH COUGH COUGH: what a Kerfuffle!

An irritating cough that won’t quit can ruin an evening, makes attending an event or a class
impossible or leads to chest infections.
Nip it in the bud with the right remedy.

A croupy, barking, honking cough with hoarse voice, better for eating and drinking needs Spongia.
The patient feels better lying down. Can feel panicky (choking) upon waking.

A hard dry cough that is better for pressing the chest, together with a thirst for cold drinks (but
better soothed by hots drinks) responds well to Bryonia. The patient is often a grumpy bear who
wants to be left alone.

A cough that is loose by day, dry by night with yellow-green phlegm might need Pulsatilla.
Tearful, miserable and worse in a hot stuffy room, the patient is not thirsty

A cough with stringy, gloo-ey phlegm needs Kali bicrom

A cough that rattles the chest yet no phlegm comes out benefits from Ant tart. The patient feels
full of mucous and needs to sit up to breathe, especially when trying to sleep. Pale with
bluish lips

A wheezy cough where the patient can’t get his breath, accompanied by persistent nausea is
treated with Nux vom. (tongue is clean)

A restless anxious patient who is thirsty (for sips) and worn out, should take Arsenicum. Worse
around midnight.

Not certain which cough best characterizes your situation?

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