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Your Path to Health
Your Path to Health

for evidence and a further look at how homeopathy works: Homeopathy Awareness

useful information about potency and dosage: Ask A Homeopath I hope this helps.

Which remedy is best for you? Online Materia Medica –  Boericke and Allen’s Keynotes, to start with.

Order remedies with this link:

Here is the remedy kit most clients find indispensable:

Find a homeopathic distributor near you: homeopathy pharmaceutical companies

PS11 Collective: H247 pharmacy for tailor-made orders

free e-books from H247:

first aid remedies:

Here is the list of H247FaceBook Groups:

Our FB ‘Ask a Homeopath’ site is for airing less serious problems on a chat. You could always start there and then come back here if you decide to book. The Acute consultation comes with 48 hours of follow-up support. Patients seem very happy with it.

Acute consultations (about 15 min) £40, $52, €47 are for acute symptoms. These symptoms are new (less than one month). The consult is for children or adults. We will find a remedy most suited for what is most troubling you right now. You will be able to buy the remedy from your nearest supplier if you don’t already have it to hand. The homeopath will direct how and when to take it, and ask that you follow up 24 to 48 hours later.

A Full Consultation (about 75 minutes) £130, $180, £150 is for recurring symptoms or those you have experienced for longer than one month. This will allow the homeopath to take a more detailed health history, thus helping find a holistic remedy to improve your overall health. You will book follow-up consultations directly with the homeopath to continue treatment.