MORNING SICKNESS;  remedies to stop you moaning

Once the excitement of learning you’re pregnant wears off, the discouragement of morning sickness may plague you. For the first trimester at least, constant nausea can be quite common. It’s not comforting to know this. Morning sickness moaning? No need! A natural, holistic homeopathic remedy should address what’s bothering you most.  No side effects mean it won’t negatively affect the fetus. Are you nauseous? Vomiting? Have you lost your appetite because you worry you’ll toss your cookies again? What about a backache?

Below are the top remedies for nausea during pregnancy*

What symptoms echo yours? If you are pregnant, nauseous and vomiting, read on.


Constant nausea with profuse saliva characterises this patient. Nausea and vomiting still keep arising, even after you throw up. You feel worse if you bend down. The stomach seems to hang. 

Nux vomica:

Every morning nausea and violent vomiting; every morning, low spirits. Chronic nausea that’s alleviated when you vomit point to Nux vomica.  You feel worse two or three hours after eating; you will want to loosen your waistband from abdominal distention. Nuxy patients are irritable and impatient. (white-coated tongue in the back while the front  of the tongue is fairly clean)

Sick to your stomach at the sight or smell of food? Sepia!  Usually constipated during pregnancy, the Sepia patient is nauseous in the morning before eating.  Meat doesn’t agree: and neither does bread or milk. There’s a feeling of a lump in the stomach and heaviness in the abdomen, especially during motion. (see Ars alb below)


Vomiting of mucus characterises this patient who’s particularly adverse to greasy and fatty foods. Nothing tastes good. The mouth is dry in the morning but she’s not thirsty. She feels that food is stuck above the stomach. She’s better for fresh, cool air, yet chilly. The back and abdomen may feel pressure, as from a stone. A colicky pain often lessens when she changes position. 

Arsenic album:

If you cannot bear the sight and smell of food, Arsenicum may well help. (have a look at Sepia too) Nausea and vomiting happen after food and drink.  There’s a big thirst for cold water but it’s vomited up if it’s ice cold. This patient drinks often, in small sips, but can eat a lot in one sitting.

Antimonium crudum

Irritable and anxious? Antimonium crud may sort you.   Vomiting made worse by eating or drinking typifies this patient.  Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are common during pregnancy. The tongue is usually white-coated. Bathing and drinking cold water make things worse. Digestive troubles occur from overloading the stomach. The patient prefers not to be looked and for heaven’s sake, don’t touch her!

Don’t suffer unnecessarily when there’s a natural solution that will help your nausea and keep the baby healthy. Get in touch for a complimentary chat, book a consultation.

*These remedies are for otherwise healthy pregnant women. If you cannot drink, if your urine is scanty too dark, if you feel dizzy on standing, if there is spotting or bleeding, get in touch with your doctor.

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