Retuning Your Body with Sound Therapy

I am chuffed! I recently discovered a form of energy medicine that is so far out, yet so logical, so weird and so wonderful, that I decided to study it so that I can help my patients.  Heal with sound. Specifically, with tuning forks.

Yep, those metal tongs that the musician uses to set his instrument to the right pitch. Only, my forks are medical instruments, bigger than the musician’s tool, some of them, weighted, for work on the body. Just like my homeopathic remedies, the forks stimulate the body to heal itself energetically. They restore vitality, speed cell tissue and organ recovery and reduce anxiety by working with imbalances that create pain or hold trauma. Like all types of sound therapy, tuning forks reprogramme cells to natural rhythms, relax muscle tissues and nerve centres, promote blood circulation and regulate lymph circulation.  

My patients are less tired because trapped pain has been released because they can sleep better. Stuck emotions have been freed. That wired feeling, that running on adrenalin – can disappear. Patients are more relaxed when awake, they go more lightly because they have learned how to be here now.  This allows open-mindedness, a greater capacity to cope when things go wrong. It also invites creative thinking.

Many know that sound waves (high-energy shock waves) break up large kidney stones so the fragments pass painlessly through the urinary tract. Tuning fork therapy is also a diagnostic tool. It measures hearing loss, assesses bone fractures when an X-ray is not immediate and it monitors the peripheral nervous system. It detects cancer cells.  

Am I having you on? Seems a bit airy-fairy? I thought so, too. Until I learned about entrainment. 

There was this cricket, see. ‘Breeep breep’, he sang. He wandered into the honey house on a farm, where a rickety old belt was turning a gear to mix the golden syrup for later bottling and marketing. ‘Badooom  badoom’, grumbled the belt. After a while, the cricket frowned and wiggled a bit on those upside-down knees that hoppers have. Now he rubbed the thick, rigged vein of one forewing across the hard surface of the other forewing more slowly, in time to the belt’s rhythm.‘Badoom  badoom.’ He learned a new way to sing, in unison with this honey house environment.  

Our bodies seek to unify with what is in the environment, always. But not all vibrations have ameliorative effects. Physical illness begins with a misaligned, dis-eased vital force that is influenced by out-of-tune vibrations.

Sound therapy reminds the body of its own song. Each cell, each tissue, each organ, vibrates at its own resonant frequency. When vibrations are knocked out of sync, when they slowly slide into erratic patterns, mental and emotional stress begins. Ultimately, chronic health issues set in.

Tuning forks are calibrated to a precise sonic frequency (Hertz), for instance, the natural vibration of the heart or the knee or a tight muscle.  Body parts act as resonators. If I place the 64Hz fork on the sacrum, for instance, that eases back pain and balances the autonomic nervous system. If emotional energy is stuck, I tap two forks to create the interval of a seventh in order to release it. I restore harmony with the interval of the fifth.

As some of you know through personal experience, I am a UK-qualified homeopath, serving the English-speaking community. My remedies help patients achieve optimum health.

This is an in-person healing therapy for local residents. I am now complementing an advanced certificate in sound healing with the UK’s Sound Healing Academy: if you live nearby you are warmly invited to come for four complimentary sessions.

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