Homeopathic remedies for Eye Problems

Your eyes are vital and precious organs; vision is the most valued sense.  Conjunctivitis, styes and eyestrain respond well to homeopathic remedies. When the eye is hit by something, homeopathy can help as a rescue response. Always consider a visit to the doctor for complications. Below find several useful remedies for the common problems above.

Here are useful remedies to be taken every hour for up to 10 doses. Reduce on improvement and stop when there are no symptoms.

for Conjunctivitis

Inflammation of the conjunctiva (see-through covering of eye) caused by infection or allergy, though very uncomfortable, is usually not serious. You may wake with a yellow sticky discharge  or feel a grittiness when blinking. The eye or the lids may become red. Sometimes hay fever or contact lenses cause similar sensations. 

Argentum nit. 6c copious discharge, photophobia, swelling, redness, ulceration. Worse in for warm rooms, better for cold applications. Usually caused by a virus.

Euphrasia 6c. usually has little discharge with is acrid, watery. Cutting pains, gritty sensation. Less red, inflamed. Worse for wind and light. You can also bathe the eyes with Euphrasia (10 drops of mother tincture with 1 level tsp salt in 1/4 litre frittered warm water.) No more than four times daily . Often accompanied by chills and fever.

Pulsatilla 6c yellow sticky discharge . Usually a bacterial infection/

Apis 6c watery white discharge usually caused by allergy.

for Stye 

A stye is a red tender bump/inflamed swelling on the edge of an eyelid, usually caused by bacterial infection of the gland at the base of an eyelash. This can be inside or outside the lid itself. With warm compresses (3 x day) a stye will often go away of its own accord after a few days or a week or two.  Remedies can be given every hour for up to 10 doses:

Pulsatilla 6c yellow sticky discharge

Staphysagria 6c if Pulsatilla does not produce improvement.

Crusty, red edges of the eyelids often related to dandruff  is known as blepharitis: Take one of the following remedies four times a day for up to two weeks.

Graphites 6c with intolerance of artificial light. Eyelid reds, swollen, dry, perhaps with eczema.

Hepar sulphur 6c eyelids red, gummy

Calcarea 6c if itchiness is main complaint

Sulphur 6c sore burning lids. Tiny ulcers worse by bathing eyes in water.

for Blow to the eye– rescue remedies for emergency. Seek medical help.

Take a dose every 5 to 10 minutes for up to 1 dose in an emergency:

Arnica 30c at first signs of inflammation. For a black eye take every hour for several hours. If no improvement try Ledum (better for cold application) or, if great pain: Hypericum. Arnica if damage to soft tissue or eye socket (caused by walking into door, blow above or below eye)

Symphytum 6c if injury to eyeball

Rhus tox 6c after use operation where there is inflammation

for Eyestrain Take one of the following remedies, four times daily for up to one week:

Ruta grav 6c burning red eyes, strained after close work or reading . Leonardo and Michelangelo brewed tea from rue leaves, then drank or used as an eyewash.

Arnica 6c muscles (ciliary) tired from looking into distance for a length of time.

Natrum mur 6c eyes aceh when you look up or down or sideways

Phosphorus 6c Tired eyes. Nervousness, apprehension

Have a look at home care for eye health in a separate blog.

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  1. Very interesting that Leonardo and Michelangelo brewed rue tea! Where did you find that gem of information? Thanks for this blog!

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