What You Get

Lily Leaves

Personal care tailor-made for you in a safe and welcoming space.

How Do Appointments Work?

You tell your story, taking the time you need to describe symptoms, consider possible causes and explore associated worries and recurrent problems. After listening to your concerns, I will ask you to expand on various symptoms and how they make you feel. By assessing the way symptoms are expressed in the body, I can look for a specific remedy to stimulate your natural healing process.

Monthly follow-up meetings assess the remedy response and determine when and what the new programme will be. A remedy can take three or four weeks to exert its effect, sometimes longer. With an open mind and trust for the process and by letting me know how you are getting on, you can help me find the best solution. You should see things begin to shift toward better feeling.

Programme of Treatment

A short course of three consultations over three months gives me the chance to learn your story and get to know you. It also allows you to get to know me and to learn to trust the process. Recovering better health will depend on your current state of health, how long you have been in this state, medicines you take and other influences on the healing process.

Once you begin to see improvements, the frequency of visits tapers off. We monitor your progress. Patients come when they need to, usually twice annually, to sustain energy and quash any spectres of poor health.

Skype, Zoom and telephone appointments are available for patients who cannot attend face-to-face sessions.


  • Single Acute Consultation of about 30 minutes $52, £49, €47
  • First appointment, (full consultation) of about 75 minutes, up to 120 minutes: $180, £130, €150
  • Follow-up appointment of about 30 to 45 minutes: $80, £72, €60
  • Discount for package of three follow ups, if paid at time of first: $215, £190, €160 (ask for package invoice)
  • Student and family discount offered (ask for student or family invoice

Book an Appointment

I will send you a Zoom link once you have booked.

Thank you for giving 24-hours notice if you need to cancel or delay your appointment. Otherwise I will need to charge a fee to cover my costs.

I offer an FAQ sheet with more details about how to take and store remedies. I have another sheet, with details about how homeopathy works. I am happy to give or send these to you.

Staying in Touch

Between appointments, you are warmly encouraged to let me know of unexpected changes in your general state or emergence of new symptoms, or simply to keep in touch. Homeopathy works best when I know how you are getting on.

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