Plumbing solutions for a Leaky Faucet: Incontinence

Does your ‘tap’ leak? Aha! Incontinence issues. Homeopathy is a natural plumber. Sure,
there are surgery procedures to consider but leaks can recur. And the tapes and meshes
that support sagging sacks (er, bladders) can cause complications down the road.

Read on to learn about homeopathic and other leaky faucet solutions. You’re not alone
with spillage. Some fifty percent of women have waterworks leaks and men’s prostate
problems are much in the news.

Stress Incontinence, when a sneeze or a cough result in a leak, this trouble is well-addressed with three remedies: Causticum, Nat mur and Ipecac.

Causticum attends to urine that seeps out when you cough or sneeze, sometimes when you
go to sleep at night and often from excitement. It’s useful when you can’t pee after

Nat mur is for pain after peeing. Urine leaks when walking or coughing. Patients like to pee
in private

Ipecac works if you cough and urine passes involuntarily. Patients are irritable and can be

Urge incontinence, when you open the front door and have to cross your legs so you won’t
pee, is served with Cantharis, Staphysagria, Sulphur and Pareira brave

A continued desire to urinate and painful urination points to Cantharis. The patient feels a
sharp, cutting sensation before, during and after peeing. Urine can be bloody and scalding
and often issues in drops.

Staphysagria is for cystitis.* Patients want to pee but little or no pee comes out. There’s
pressure in the bladder and a never quite done feeling after peeing. Urination burns and
there is more pain afterwards

*For homeopathic remedies that address cystitis

Pareira brava is useful for women who are experiencing first sexual relations: they have the
urge to pee but no urine is released. It’s also for men with prostate problems. It addresses a
constant urge and a great effort. Pain can travel down the thighs. Useful for serious urge
incontinence when urine is black and bloody and dribbles out after you are finished. The
urethra is inflamed and the bladder, bloated. Compromised patients have to kowtow to pee.

Sulphur helps those who need to make several trips to the bathroom at night, in a hurry.
Children often wet the bed. There is a prolonged burning in the urethra.

Here are a few natural aids to ease the discomfort of bladder incontinence in general:

  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine (coffee/chocolate), carbonated drinks, refined/processed foods and sugar. They aggravate the bladder.
  • Work on losing weight if this is your issue. Daily exercise and a healthy diet go a long way to honoring your precious body.
  • Pee every two hours: avoid accidents
  • Don’t use feminine hygiene sprays, scented tampons, pads or toilet paper. No bubble baths. Chemicals irritate.
  • Do your Kegels (swallow down there) every day, three times. Sets of seven: hold for seven, release. Sets of seven: quick pull up and release.
  • Consider supplements: calcium, magnesium, vitamin B complex, vitamins A and E, potassium and zinc
  • Consider a doctor’s visit to check for underlying causes and recommended treatments. Nothing wrong with taking a homeopathic remedy alongside a conventional medication if that’s your first port of call.

I treat many patients with incontinence issues. To learn how I can I help, book a free chat.

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