Back to School Wobblies: find a natural, safe alternative in homeopathy Lisa Robbins

Back to School Wobblies

find a natural, safe alternative in homeopathy

Summer’s over but I’d rather sleep in, wallow in the pool, indulge in late nights, eat outside…

Alas, school is here and that means homework, exams, presentations, essays. Read on to discover top homeopathic remedies to quell the anxiety that back-to-schoolers face.

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Plumbing solutions for a Leaky Faucet: Incontinence

Does your ‘tap’ leak? Aha! Incontinence issues. Homeopathy is a natural plumber. Sure,
there are surgery procedures to consider but leaks can recur. And the tapes and meshes
that support sagging sacks (er, bladders) can cause complications down the road.

Read on to learn about homeopathic and other leaky faucet solutions. You’re not alone
with spillage. Some fifty percent of women have waterworks leaks and men’s prostate
problems are much in the news.

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Homeopathic remedies for the elderly :: Lisa Robbins, Florence Italy

Remedies for the Elderly: Make Certain You Can Still Dance

Getting on in years presents challenges: erratic, unpredictable bodily functions, insomnia and emotional turmoil, from anxiety to fear to anger.  We get ‘stuck’ in our ways, prefer to be miserable than consider alleviating our discomforts. You can’t stop the process of aging so you may as well dance.

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Insomnia plagues everyone at some point : Homeopathic Solutions to getting over Insomnia

Can’t Sleep in Heavenly Peace? Dealing with Insomnia

Do you fall asleep just fine, then wake in the middle of the night and thrash about seeking elusive rest? Or maybe going to sleep is troublesome: you toss and turn and cannot settle. 

What’s the solution? A sleeping pill, right? You may get to sleep or stay asleep. In the short run, some conventional pills may allow the rest needed. In the long run they can cause more problems.

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Pollen allergy, girl sneezing in a field of flowers

Homeopathic Remedies for Hay Fever

Ahh… the perfume of linden trees, climbing jasmine, freshly cut grass … intoxicating for some, quasi-toxic for those who suffer from hay fever or ‘la febbre da fieno’, as the Italians call it.
Every spring and summer flowers, trees and grasses send pollen into the air, especially in the months of April and May.. aaachoooo!

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