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Remedies for the Elderly: Make Certain You Can Still Dance

Getting on in years presents challenges: erratic, unpredictable bodily functions, insomnia and emotional turmoil, from anxiety to fear to anger.  We get ‘stuck’ in our ways, prefer to be miserable than consider alleviating our discomforts. You can’t stop the process of aging so you may as well dance.

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Insomnia plagues everyone at some point : Homeopathic Solutions to getting over Insomnia

Can’t Sleep in Heavenly Peace? Dealing with Insomnia

Do you fall asleep just fine, then wake in the middle of the night and thrash about seeking elusive rest? Or maybe going to sleep is troublesome: you toss and turn and cannot settle. 

What’s the solution? A sleeping pill, right? You may get to sleep or stay asleep. In the short run, some conventional pills may allow the rest needed. In the long run they can cause more problems.

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Pollen allergy, girl sneezing in a field of flowers

Homeopathic Remedies for Hay Fever

Ahh… the perfume of linden trees, climbing jasmine, freshly cut grass … intoxicating for some, quasi-toxic for those who suffer from hay fever or ‘la febbre da fieno’, as the Italians call it.
Every spring and summer flowers, trees and grasses send pollen into the air, especially in the months of April and May.. aaachoooo!

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Homeopathic Remedies for Sprains and Strains

Oops!  ‘Next time –  I’ll get some help when I lift that … I’ll stretch before I run… I’ll watch where I step.’

Sprains and strains hurt and take time to heal. Swelling and stiffness occur. When you move the joint or muscle: ouch!  Symptoms are almost identical for a sprain – when you overstretch or tear a ligament or a strain – when muscle fibres may be torn. You will know if a bone is fractured:  you cannot move the affected part/put weight on the foot or leg. The pain is close to intolerable.  A doctor would must likely suggest an ultrasound (ecografia) or, if a break is suspected, an x-ray (radiografia).

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Alley in snowy morning

Homeopathic Remedies for Flu Season

Aches and pains? Cannot keep warm? Sore throat? Hacking cough? Grumpy bear?
While each winter ushers in a different strain of flu, the symptoms are often similar. Hibernating in your duvet will afford needed bed rest. Here are a few commonly indicated homeopathic remedies to help speed recovery, provide energy and put you back on your best feet. If you take the right remedy at or near the start, it may ameliorate symptoms and shorten their duration.

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