Rehydration Cell Salt Cocktail

Too darn hot? Has summer begun with a vengeance? Are you panting and weary? Mix up a Rehydration Cell Salt Cocktail and water your beloved body.

Rehydration Cell Salt Cocktail ingredients:

small half-litre bottle (filtered water)

juice of one lemon or lime, preferably half of each

¼ tsp sea salt 

the following three cell salts/tissue salts*

an optional smidgeon of honey if you need it

Rehydration Cell Salt Cocktail directions:

Crush one tablet each of three specific cell salt tablets into a powder between two clean spoons or using a mortar and pestle:

             ✔︎ Nat mur  6X**  to balance and distribute fluids through the body

             ✔︎ Nat phos 6X     to regulate the acid/alkaline balance 

             ✔︎ Kali phos 6X    a nerve nutrient when you’re worn out and exhausted

*Cell salts, also called tissue salts, are nutritive biochemical supplements with minute traces of the twelve minerals that are in our cells, the main constituents of our ones, blood, muscles and organs. They address everything from exhaustion due to lack of hydration through nerve pain and gut health.  

**D6 in Europe

For a daily hydration drink that energises your cells follow the above recipe leaving out the cell salts. 

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