Patterns Show the Way

Was it by accident, intuition, or a desire to protect herself that Isla’s calico cat curled in
autumn leaves, matching patterns in colour and size?

Patterns show how things are arranged or how they follow, one from the other. As
homeopaths, we see how symptoms align to spell a disease, and know the progress of
illness, from lesser signs to more urgent ones, how a condition evolves through stages. We
recognise the patterns of how patients cope, too, whether they become angry, anxious, or
accepting. Patterns help us find the best remedy for a particular patient with a particular

Here’s what I mean:
Two patients come with a heavy cold that won’t shift.
1) She’s mild-mannered and tears up as she describes the headache that arrived at the
end of her period, how her nose produces green phlegm, that she’s desperate to go
outside where it is cool and fresh. One minute she’s crotchety, the next, cheerful, she
admits. Hugs from her husband do wonders to make her feel better. The headache
after monthly cycle, greenish phlegm, the craving for open air, spell Pulsatilla. The
patient’s patterns – changeable moods, gentleness, desire for affection with weeping,
confirm this.

2) Lots of mucous makes a loud rattling cough, but this patient can’t bring it up or out.
Coughing comes in fits, makes her breathless. There’s a tight band around her head
when the coughing comes and she feels exhausted. Her chest is congested, her
tongue is coated thick, white. She is sleepy, yawns frequently and suffers from chills
and sweating. Symptoms get worse in the evening and when she’s lying down. This
patient needs Antimonium Tart.

If you need a pattern recognition expert to sort your ailment, get in touch.
October heralds autumn’s patterns: colored leaves, chilly evenings and back to school ‘pass
the bug’ contagions. What better time than now to look after yourself and your family?

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