Appreciation and testimonials

Patients say I am warm, open-minded and non-judgmental. They feel well looked after:

I highly recommend Lisa Robbins – a UK qualified English -speaking homeopath based in Florence. Lisa is a wonderful listener, very thorough and open-minded who will choose the right remedy to restore you to health and balance.

J Parkinson Tuscany Arts & Healing, May 2020 Lucca

This is one of the biggest things that has happened to me. I am feeling much better. I have become pro-active. I am in a good space with relatives – I accept them the way they are. Now when something goes wrong, I am calm and allow things to happen as they do. I choose to argue less; before, everything was my battle. The homeopathy has done this.

M, Florence, 2018

I am making improvements in my life and I see the benefits. I started going to the gym and I feel great afterwards. I have energy. It is ‘me’ time. This happened during the first two wks on Rx. I am learning not to impose my own ideas on others.

D, Florence, 2018

There has been a 360-degree shift in attitude since taking the remedy. I am (now) willing to let things go. I feel balanced and more confident of my own capabilities in coping when things go wrong. Something has lifted off. I can create my own life.

C, Florence, 2018

Lisa listens to what I need to tell her. She is caring and conscientious – she looks for the cause of the problem and follows up carefully on my symptoms. I am getting personal treatment and feel supported.

M, London, 2016

Lisa’s patient and persevering work has helped me cope with panic attacks and anxiety that I have had all my adult life. I am more able to cope and things don’t bother me as much. It’ s like I am at a better distance and have perspective that I did not have before.

Y, London, 2015

I feel confident when I study now. I can concentrate and I do well. When something goes wrong in a relationship or at work I am learning to stand up for myself. My monthly periods are not as debilitating. I am making important choices in who I want to spend time with – this takes courage, which I now have.

M, London, 2015

I have been seeing Lisa for several years now. From the minute I met her, I felt I was in good hands. She devoted time to treating me, suggesting many ways to support recovery. Not just homeopathy but ways to boost my immune system. Her treatment has worked wonders on my skin and for an old neck injury. I am looking after myself better and more consistently, based on her suggestions.

L, Rome, 2013