Can’t Sleep in Heavenly Peace? Dealing with Insomnia

Do you fall asleep just fine, then wake in the middle of the night and thrash about seeking elusive rest? Or maybe going to sleep is troublesome: you toss and turn and cannot settle. 

What’s the solution? A sleeping pill, right? You may get to sleep or stay asleep. In the short run, some conventional pills may allow the rest needed. In the long run they can cause more problems.

Over the long term however, even the newer pills (not as addictive as the originals) can cause changes in appetite, bowel health (constipation or diarrhea), headaches, flatulence, dry mouth, balance issues, concentration difficulty, debility, weight gain, heartburn and stomach troubles.

Homeopathy is a safe, no-side-effects alternative that addresses the root cause of sleeplessness. For natural, long-lasting answers to the nightmare of insomnia

Help me make it through the night!

Insomnia plagues everyone at some point. Even three nights in a row of poor sleep, little sleep, or no sleep can make it hard to get through the day, never mind the night. If sleeplessness continues for a few months, you may be perpetually tired, cranky, and less alert. Sleep deprivation leads to mood swings, depression, even accidents. Chronic sleep problems can bring on or exacerbate high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Sleeplessness is often caused by a deep psychological or physical problem: once this is resolved, insomnia vanishes. A consultation with a homeopath could uncover what keeps you awake or prevents you from sleeping the night through, and works to recover your balance. 

Here are Some of the Top Insomnia Remedies

One of these may be exactly what you need to sort sleep problems

Hamstering thoughts:  hamsters whirl around on little wheels, going nowhere. Our thoughts often circle around and around in a similarly exhausting way, often accompanied by palpitations and nervousness.  We wake from sleep and cannot go back there. This remedy, Coffea cruda, also works well for sleepless children and convalescents. 

Ignatia addresses the patient who grieves or is low. Heavy sighs and tearfulness characterise a brooding nature. These patients find it difficult to care about anything other than their state.

Children who have night terrors need Kali phos often. This remedy helps relieve stress and worries in both children and adults. They wake in the latter part of the night and cannot go back to sleep. Look for lots of yawning and extreme tiredness, mentally and physically, to see if this remedy or Coffea best match your symptoms.

Another remedy that targets those who cannot sleep the second half of the night is Nux v. Falling asleep is a doddle; but around 3 or 4 am the patient wakes. Daytime drowsiness and weakness are present. This sleeplessness is usually a result of excessive use of stimulants like coffee, alcohol, or tobacco.

Unable to get to sleep?  Insomnia at the start of the night in a restless patient is often resolved with Pulsatilla. The patient feels tired and sleepy the following day.

Scary dreams that wake the patient with a start are well addressed with Chamomilla, Sometimes there are several episodes, of disturbing sleep on the same night, starting at about 2am.  Patients say they saw or heard something that is not there and become frightened or weepy. 

When insomnia is caused by GERD, Gastro-esophagael Reflux Disease, turn to Robinia. Symptoms are worse at night with heartburn and sour burps disturbing the sleep.

If a patient suffers from constant pain in the joints or the back, especially when they are resting, Rhus tox may eliminate sleep issues

If legs are restless at night making sleep impossible, have a look at Zincum met.

An elderly person, awake because of worries, often responds well to Passiflora inc.  Restless, wakeful young children are able to sleep with Passiflora too.

Sleep vs. Insomnia

Sleep is a miracle cure for so many issues, mental and physical. A healthy night lays the foundation for a productive, inspiring day. 

Get in touch with your specific concerns and we will find a remedy that gives you the precious gift of sleep, in heavenly peace.

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