Backache Remedies

Ouweeee! It announces itself when you twist, reach up, bend down. A horrid pain in your back. Often it’s low down. It can be an ache between the shoulder blades or in the middle of the back. Or a sharp, searing pain on one side, near the buttocks, that shoots down a leg.  Whatever it is, it stops you from moving the way you’d like to move. If it’s truly painful, it may nix any movements, suggesting bedrest. 

Read on for top remedies to address this debilitating condition

What causes back pain?

a pulled muscle

a slipped disk



an imbalance in the length of the legs that means you compensate

rarely – an infection, a broken bone, a bone spur, the beginning of osteoarthritis the start of  tumour

Back pain usually reduces and disappears on its own after a few weeks.   But why suffer that long when there’s a natural solution?


Strain and stiffness from over lifting, over stretching. Pain is between the shoulders and/or in  the lumbar spine region. The pain is worse on first movement and lessens as continues to move. Hard pressure makes it feel better. Remedy? Rhus tox

‘Leave me alone, I can’t bear to move,’ you growl.  Moving makes the back pain worse, rest lessens it.  Standing, stooping and walking are not comfortable.  You’re often thirsty. Remedy?  Bryonia

After an injury – pain from a blow or a fall, whether it happened today or months ago, when there’s a sore, bruised feeling in the back. Remedy? Arnica. If the pain is most intense in the coccyx, take Hypericum instead.

Lower back pain with weakness, worse in the wee hours of the morning and when eating.

You can be anxious and sweaty. You’d prefer to lie down, not to walk. Remedy? Kali carb

Tell me what back pain you have. When is it worse (time of day, after some action) and what makes it feel better? When did you first notice it?  What do you think caused it? 

I can recommend remedies that address the pain naturally and with long-lasting effect. Homeopathy also works alongside conventional medicines if you go that route. You may eventually replace the meds with this holistic alternative. 

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