Zombies Need A Boost: Try Homeopathy

Zombies walk slowly, as if they are hypnotized or in a trance. They are cold and pale and don’t breathe much.  Obviously lacking in energy.  Not surprising, since they are dead. If you are exhausted, out of puff, hibernating with winter blues, post-partum depression or mental burn out, you may feel you’ve joined the zombie ranks. Like them, you need a boost. Read on for top remedies to revitalise your energy.

‘Shaun of the Dead’, a spoof on the zombie trope, ratchets up the laughs when a deranged ne-er-do-well takes a bite out of a salesman who can’t get his act together. Whether they are arising from the grave or crunching through human bones, zombies certainly lack spark. 


After giving birth, new mothers can be tired, chilly, cranky and constipated. Sepia is the remedy.

Turn to Pulsatilla if you are weepy, thirstless and shrinking from the heat.


After swatting for exams or going cross-eyed over sorting the accounts Anacardium address mental exhaustion.

If you are forgetful, sensitive to noise and repeating everything, Zinc may sort you out.


Zombies are anemic. Well, they’re missing blood itself. Blood carries oxygen from lungs to the tissues, sends waste to the kidneys and onward delivers hormones from glands to organs, ferries antibodies to infection sites. No wonder they need a boost.

Enlarged glands (especially thyroid) and tumours in debilitated patients can be treated with Ferrum Iodatum. Digestive issues – feeling full after a little food – and   suppressed menses are addressed, along with kidney disfunction or incontinence in anemic children.

Ferrum Metallicum is for young anemic persons who have cold hands and feet. Pale skin alternating with flushes are characterisitic.  Headaches can be stinging, hammering or congestive. Even the teeth ache. Eyes are watery, dull red. Ringing in ears before an on and off monthly cycle starts. Women are weak yet with hot red faces. The pulse is weak and there is often a heart murmur.

Ferrum Phosphoricum helps pale patients who suffer hemorrhages or frequent bright red nose bleeds   Like Ferrum met, they flush easily and have florid complexions. This is a useful remedy for first stages of fevers; fast heartbeats and rapid pulses with hot, sweaty palms and swollen, painful hands.  Night sweats are common. 

Think of Ferrum Picricum Tinnitus, deafness and headaches are common, especially after meals. Eating can cause indigestion. There’s often a need to urinate at night. 

Tell me your troubles. The above remedies are among those well-indicated for post-partum depression, mental burnout or anemia. If you need a boost, come for a complimentary chat; a homeopathic remedy should put the spring back in your step, the colour in your cheeks.

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