homeopathic back remedies from Lisa Robbins

Backache Remedies

Ouweeee! It announces itself when you twist, reach up, bend down. A horrid pain in your back. Often it’s low down. It can be an ache between the shoulder blades or in the middle of the back. Or a sharp, searing pain on one side, near the buttocks, that shoots down a leg.  Whatever it is, it stops you from moving the way you’d like to move. If it’s truly painful, it may nix any movements, suggesting bedrest. 

Read on for top remedies to address this debilitating condition

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Pollen allergy, homeopathic help for hay fever and allergic rhinitis

The Havoc of Hay Fever: tame it with a remedy

Every spring and summer flowers, trees and grasses and flowers send pollen into the air, especially in the months of March, April and May.. aaachoooo! Constant sneezing, watery discharges, itches and prickles, a stuffed-up nose… read on for natural remedies to sort this. Safe for home treatment.

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Keep on Your Toes! 

Ingrown Toenails …what are they?

A red swollen toe, especially around the nail, extremely sensitive to touch (ouch!). The side of a toenail penetrates the soft skin around it

Why you need to pay attention?

Ingrown toenails make it hard to get around.  Walking is painful; you yelp when the inflamed area is touched so how can you wear shoes? The nail infection can develop into a foot sore or ulcer. Painful, swollen and red, tissue around the big toe (usually it’s this one) may discharge pus. Here’s how to sort ingrown toenails.

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morning sickness homeopathic remedies from Lisa Robbins

MORNING SICKNESS;  remedies to stop you moaning

Once the excitement of learning you’re pregnant wears off, the discouragement of morning sickness may plague you. For the first trimester at least, constant nausea can be quite common. It’s not comforting to know this. Morning sickness moaning? No need! A natural, holistic homeopathic remedy should address what’s bothering you most.  No side effects mean it won’t negatively affect the fetus. Are you nauseous? Vomiting? Have you lost your appetite because you worry you’ll toss your cookies again? What about a backache?

Below are the top remedies for nausea during pregnancy*

What symptoms echo yours? If you are pregnant, nauseous and vomiting, read on.

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Back to School Wobblies: find a natural, safe alternative in homeopathy Lisa Robbins

Back to School Wobblies

find a natural, safe alternative in homeopathy

Summer’s over but I’d rather sleep in, wallow in the pool, indulge in late nights, eat outside…

Alas, school is here and that means homework, exams, presentations, essays. Read on to discover top homeopathic remedies to quell the anxiety that back-to-schoolers face.

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