Who Am I

I live three minutes from the Arno River in Florence, Italy and my practice is nearby. I treat patients face-to-face and remotely via Skype. Born in the United States, I have spent most of my life in Europe and Asia.

I am passionate about this old and new healing art that unites nature’s wisdom with the precepts of physics. We take the journey toward your better health together. Along the way almost imperceptible shifts in vitality will gently release stuck patterns, reveal new perspectives, guide you to be a better you.

I began treating family and friends over 25 years ago. I have seen far-reaching and long lasting positive changes in relatives, friends and patients. My patients are all ages, from baby to retired. I started my practice in London in 2013. Today I treat the English-speaking community in Florence, Italy and support international clients via Skype and phone calls.

I comply with GDPR privacy policies for data protection regulation across Europe. Your information is treated confidentially, kept secure and shared with authorised bodies who need access only upon your understanding.

Professional training and practice

Practitioner Advanced Diploma The School of Homeopathy 2018 (Stroud, UK)

Diploma Anatomy & Physiology School of Homeopathy 2011 (Stroud, UK)

Diploma Pathology & Disease School of Homeopathy 2016 (Stroud, UK)

Ainsworth’s Pharmacy patient advisor, clinic practitioner 2016 (London, UK)

Participation in professional development training on a monthly basis since 2012.

Homeopathy247 Advisor

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