The Havoc of Hay Fever: tame it with a remedy

Every spring and summer flowers, trees and grasses and flowers send pollen into the air, especially in the months of March, April and May.. aaachoooo! Constant sneezing, watery discharges, itches and prickles, a stuffed-up nose… read on for natural remedies to sort this. Safe for home treatment.

Originally posted in April 2020 and reposted in March 2024

Sneezing, a runny nose, watering eyes or a sore throat. Burning and itching! These are the main symptoms of acute hay fever which comes on with the blooms and blossoms of every spring. Old wives tales suggest chewing on honeycomb, eating fresh garlic and putting turmeric in your food. Cucumber slices cool red itchy yes. Eucalyptus steam inhalations or sniffing grated horseradish unblocks the nose. Bananas, nuts and seeds provide useful magnesium. Supplement these with homeopathic remedies for speedy, more effective relief.

ALLIUM CEPA (made from red onion) Symptoms focus on itchy nose and eyes. Clear, streaming and burning runny nose. Lots of sneezing. Light sensitivity. Worse evening and inside. Left eye can be worse. Nose symptoms worse than eyes. (See EUPHASIA)

 EUPHRASIA (eyebright)  Eyes burn and produce profuse, acrid streaming discharge. May feel gritty with swollen lids.  Skin around eyes is red and irritated. Lots of sneezing but bland nasal discharge.  Worse for sun. Sore throat.  (See ALLIUM CEPA)

ARSENICUM IODATUM is characterised by burning, tearing eyes, sneezing with runny nose and sore nostrils. Throat burns and cough is dry. Better for keeping warm and staying indoors. Restlessness. Worse at night.

SABADILLA symptoms include a frontal sinus headache and sometimes, bleeding from the nose, which is usually itchy and stuffed up.  Violent sneezes make eyes water.  Eyelids red, sore. Better for warmth and from warm food and drinks and worse for open air and sunlight.  (See ARSENICUM)

PULSATILLA’s thick yellow discharge, from eyes and nose, does not burn. Better in open air, worse from warmth. Lots of sneezing.  Inflamed lids can be glued together by sticky mucus. Thirstless.

NUX VOMICA has a stuffy nose at night. Itching in eyes, ears and throat and prolonged sneezing.  Face feels as if it’s on fire. Eyes sensitive to light. Irritable, chilly overall.  Worse in early morning; better for warm drinks.

ARUNDO is most useful at the start of the hay fever season, before discharges begin. Sneezing and strong itching in the nose, ears and on roof of mouth.

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