Remedies for the Elderly: Make Certain You Can Still Dance

Getting on in years presents challenges: erratic, unpredictable bodily functions, insomnia and emotional turmoil, from anxiety to fear to anger.  We get ‘stuck’ in our ways, prefer to be miserable than consider alleviating our discomforts. You can’t stop the process of aging so you may as well dance.

What stops you from fully engaging? What would best support you?

Homeopathy offers a safe, gentle treatment that can be used alongside prescription drugs can revitalize and nurture older caretakers and their patients.


A patient with back and joint pains (rheumatic, arthritic), worse on first movement and better thereafter will benefit from  Rhus tox. Emotional, anxious and restless (aching makes it hard to stay still), she tends to be forgetful

Thin brainy and windy are the keynotes for Lycopodium which supports a patient with poor appetite, full after a few bites.  He suffers flatulence and bloating, needs to pee often (prostrate!)  and can have a rattling cough with lots of mucous.

Dizzy after a fall, confused and forgetful, the Conium patient is often slow and tired. She moves slowly and respiration, circulation digestion operate at a snail’s pace. Healing takes a long time. A headache, Indigestion and diarrhea are common. 

Constipated patients (even when stool is soft) with slow urination find Alumina a useful remedy. Everything is slow and weak. Mentally confused and forgetful and in a low mood, the patients lose their way and become anxious if hurried. They are worse from warmth. A dislike of potatoes confirms the choice.

The Baryta carb confused, forgetful, patient reverts to childish behaviour in their old age.  Decision-making is almost impossible, they become agitated over trifles and worry that others are speaking about them. They are dizzy when getting up or bending down, and suffer indigestion after food. They are constipated and strain to stool, sensing they are not quite done. Incontinent, they have weak bladders that force them to get up frequently in the night. Coughs rattle but are not productive. They don’t sleep well and don’t tolerate getting overheated. Cold and damp don’t suit them.

Apathetic, slow and absent-minded, the Carbo veg patient cannot concentrate.  They can be snarly and rude to loved ones. Digestive problems include indigestion, flatulence and diarrhea. The abdomen is bloated: burps relieve them. The cough rattles; they are short of breath and physically sluggish. Rich foods and fats don’t sit well, especially if they eat too much. Fresh air helps, especially if they are fanned.

Here are top homeopathic remedies for the elderly focusing on those that best address grief – and one that puts fear in the driver’s seat

Ignatia supports those who hold on to their distress after loss or disappointment. They prefer their own company, hold in the tears, which may erupt. hysterically. Lots of sighing and a lump in the throat.  Ignatia symptoms include headache, indigestion, diarrhea, palpitations, insomnia and weakness…  caused or exacerbated by grief.  There may be twitches or spasms and numbness in the body.

Bereavement is a focus of Ambra grisea patient who are embarrassed and erratic in behaviour. Confused and forgetful, they shun company. Anxiety causes them to ask lots of questions but not wait for answers. Physical symptoms are constipation with ineffectual urging and straining and an inability to perform when others might hear.  The cough is dry and agitated, talking makes it worse. They burp and cannot sleep after these unsettling encounters. They suffer from dizziness and the stomach is weak. Trembling, twitching and numbness occur.

Phos ac is for weak and indifferent patients who are overwhelmed by loss. Disappointment and loss cause deep grief. They are forgetful because of mental debility. Diarrhea is painless. Headache and palpitations occur.

Fear of disease and death dominate the Arsenicum patient. Things must be in their places; she is an inveterate tidier. She finds great consolation for her worries in being with others.  Arsenicum addresses burning indigestion with nausea.  Diarrhea is worse in the morning and incontinence, day and night, is typical.  Restless and anxious, she doesn’t sleep well.  Skin itches and rapid heartbeats may frighten her. Appetite is low and she loses weight.

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