Homeopathic Remedies for Flu Season

Aches and pains? Cannot keep warm? Sore throat? Hacking cough? Grumpy bear?
While each winter ushers in a different strain of flu, the symptoms are often similar. Hibernating in your duvet will afford needed bed rest. Here are a few commonly indicated homeopathic remedies to help speed recovery, provide energy and put you back on your best feet. If you take the right remedy at or near the start, it may ameliorate symptoms and shorten their duration.

ACONITE: sudden onset, especially after exposure to cold, dry wind. Also after fright or shock or deep chill. Face hot to touch. Eyes, glassy and glaring. Restless and frightened.

GELSEMIUM: after mild damp water or from getting chilled, despite feeling hot. Sometimes from excitement or anticipation. Slow onset with symptoms gradually worsening. Aching pains. Dull drooping, heavy and tired. A chilliness up and down spine that will not go away. Bursting headache. Fever. Little thirst.

BRYONIA: Grumpy bear who wants to be left alone and lie still. Very irritable. Aching pains in stomach better for hot water bottle. Dry and very thirsty, especially for cold water. Bursting splitting headache worse from movement. Sometimes a dry hacking cough or constipation. Better for lying on the painful part, for pressure.

BELLADONNA: Sudden intense start. Delirious, fearful, half awake/ half asleep. Extremely oversensitive (pain, noise, light, to touch) Thirsty for cold water. Fever and sweating. Bright red face that radiates heat. Angry.

ARSENICUM: Anxious, chilly. Easily exhausted. Thirsty for small sips of hot drinks. Often with headache. Can experience vomiting, smelly diarrhoea. Eyes and nose, hot and streaming.

EUPATORIAUM: deep, deep aches and pains inside the bones. Entire body sore and bruised. Often begins with sneezing and nasal discharge. Great thirst for ice-cold water but drinks cause stomach problems. Worse for cold air and movement. Shivering. Bursting headache.

BAPTISIA: No energy – sleepy, weak, confused stupor. May fall asleep while talking. Smelly secretions. Body bruised, muscles sore, stiff. Pressure across nose. Head: heavy and numb. High fever.

NUX VOMICA: after overindulgence, whether too much mental work or too much rich food and drink. Hangover remedy. Extremely irritable: wants to be left alone. Pains in the bones, joints. Very chilly; better from warm applications. Nose stuffed up during day, running at night. Upset stomach yet desire for stimulants – coffee tea, rich foods.

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