What a Pain in the Neck?!

When I hunch over and concentrate for too long, my neck hurts. And continues to hurt, long after I’m not concentrating. Pain between the head and shoulders can come from strain, repetitive stress, muscle spasm, or from whiplash, or sports injuries. 

A top alternative treatment remedy to address stiff neck pain is Rhus tox. The pain is lessened for moving (rusty gate syndrome) and for warm applications.

Arnica is the answer when there’s injury from a fall or a blow, or from overstrain. Bruised and aching, sensitivity to pressure, the pain also decreases with topical application of Arnica cream or gel.

If the neck is tense and contracted and moving your head severely worsens the ache, look at Cimicifuga. This remedy also addresses degeneration of neck structures.

Guaiacum helps stiff necks where pain is from the nape extending to the scapulae, shoulders, and head, even to the lower back. Pain worsens when it’s cold.

When you need to keep completely still in order to avoid pain, Bryonia is helpful. Pressure on the sore place feels better.

Torticollis, where the neck is held to one side, can be addressed by Lachnantes. Pain, which can be felt in the neck and entire head, worsens if the head is bent backwards.

Muscular pains in the neck and shoulders with a headache is well treated with Gelsemium.

Hypericum is the top remedy for whiplash – intense pain in the neck, jerked back and forward by a high-impact car accident. Even the smallest movement from arm or neck is unbearable: a whiplash collar can keep movement at a minimum.

If pain travels from the neck down the arms to the fingers, accompanied by weakness, pricking, and tingling, Kalmia should take away the pain. 

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