Elders Rejuvenate with Homeopathy

‘When I was a wee whippersnapper, we milked the cows at dawn and walked 20 miles to the old brick schoolhouse…’

Heard something similar from Grandpa as he tells you that you’ve got it good? Heard it 100 times? Elderly people are often absent-minded and forgetful. If there’s a change to the routine…. “Whoa, Nelly!”, the heebie jeebies set in.

For five top remedies to help Grandpa pull up his socks (he gets dizzy when he bends over, see) read on:

Grandpa Barry of the cow-milking story suffers from constipation and a weak bladder. He doesn’t sleep well; he gets too hot in bed. He needs Baryta carb.

Grandma Connie has similar symptoms: she is forgetful and confused, especially when reading.  She gets dizzy when she lies down or turns her head. She thinks, moves, and answers s-l-o-w-l-y, but since she doesn’t like company and is tired of life, that’s fine with her. She has a dry, tickly cough that her weak bladder responds to and is worse at night.  Conium is her remedy.

Total exhaustion is how Uncle Tom feels after the loss of his beloved Ethel.  He can’t think straight and is restless because everything aches. Rheumatism, arthritis are worse on the first movement; once he gets going he trundles along.  Doesn’t like the cold and asks for a hot water bottle.  Give him Phosphorus acid, while you’re at it. (Ethel was his 15-year-old basset hound)

Trembling Aunt Alice cannot stand potatoes and prefers cooler weather.  Her papery skin is dry and itch, though there’s not a rash insight. Don’t try to hurry Alice, she gets upset. She’s already depressed and sluggish, especially her bowels. A dry hacking cough turns the tap on down south. She needs Alumina.

Alice’s husband, Uncle Arnold, is terrified he’ll get ill, especially from the dreaded C virus.   He is so worried he’s off his food and losing weight.  Indigestion and nausea dominate his days; he can’t sleep at night from anxiety. He’s never warm enough and likes sips of hot tea. Arsenicum will soothe him.

They may seem similar but the above remedies and others for the elderly differ subtly. For a complementary chat about what might be best for you or your older parents, get in touch.

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