Bloated and baggy? Here’s a four-fold path to IBS relief

Irritable Bowel Syndrome occurs when bloating and cramps challenge intestinal function and bowel habits change notably. While there’s no known cause, stress and diet are the main suspects. IBS may not permanent the intestines damage (no bleeding of the bowel) its constant or erratic discomfort is debilitating. Homeopathy offers a natural, wholistic solution by treating the person and not his ailment. How did you get where you are? Homeopathy provides a unique remedy that addresses how you cope and your specific symptoms.  Read on for a four-fold path to IBS relief 

The top remedy for treating IBS is Nux Vomica.  Attempts to pass stool are always present, but only a small quantity appears, no matter how frequently stool is passed.  Short-time relief is quickly replaced by urge to stool again. After meals, the abdomen is distended.  A worsening of symptoms following consumption of alcohol or spicy foods confirm that Nux vom can help.

Bloating and heaviness that are only slightly relieved by burping or farting could also point to Carbo veg. Here, though, stomach acidity is prominent, together with frequent, loose, smelly stools.

If watery diarrhea gushes out, Podophyllum or Croton Tig may be the best remedies. Podophylum, worse after eating fruit, has smelly, profuse stool and smelly flatus.

Croton Tig has lots of watery stool, followed by weakness.

Several other remedies are top runners for IBS, including Bryonia, Colocynthis, Alumina and Aloe. I will address these in my next newsletter.

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