DIVERTICULITIS: Top three homeopathic remedies

Abdominal pain (lower left side), blood in the stool, constipation, nausea, vomiting and fever are marked symptoms of Diverticulitis. Homeopathy offers a wholistic, natural and long-lasting solutions. Read on to learn what you can do. 

Diverticulitis  is defined as a weakening in the intestinal walls when the linings are damaged by pockets or pouches in the large intestine or colon.  

Here are three best solutions to your symptoms:

Nux vomica addresses frequent ineffective urge to stool where only a little is passed, usually dry and sometimes with blood. and You feel better for passing it but soon, then the urge resurfaces.  Warm applications provide relief.

Warmth also brings relief to Mag Phos patients, as does pressure to the abdomen. Cramps, spasms and muscular twitchings are addressed.  Usually there is lots of flatulence and watery diarrhea.

Sharp, cramping, gripping abdominal pains which extend to the thighs or the lower spine point to Colocynthis. There is distention and sensitivity to touch in the abdomen. Worse for eating and drinking. Better for bending double or lying on the abdomen, or from farting. Often nausea vomiting and loose stool complete the picture.

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