Homeopathic Rx to Alleviate Diarrhea

When stools increase in frequency and looseness it usually means the body is getting rid of harmful toxins, irritants and germs from the gastrointestinal tract.  Fine, so long as it doesn’t last too long. Below are the most common homeopathic remedies to lessen and eliminate diarrhea.

The large intestine absorbs much less fluid and the walls contract more often and more vigourously. Diarrhea can come from gastroentreritis or food poisoning or from vitamin and mineral imbalances, food intolerances, foreign travel where a new diet is consumed, poor hygiene or having sex with an affected person. Stress can lead to disorders in the bowels and intestines. Looser stools may be accompanied with pain or vomiting. Breast fed babies can have as many as 8 loose stools a day.

General things to do or avoid:

Drink fruit juices diluted (50% water), vegetable broth, and especially, rice water (white rice cooked in double the amount of water)

Eat only rice broth for 24 hours, made with a bouillon cube and cooked rice. Introduce other solids slowly: toast, bananas, perhaps low-fat yogurt. (adults)

Avoid rich, spicy foods, milk or animal products.

In a baby, look for signs of dehydration: mouth and eyes, skin does not spring back when pressed, sunken eyes or fontanelle, scant, strong smelling urine,

Seek help if the patient is very tired and skin tone is poor, if diarrhea is severe or persists more than two days and fluids are not tolerated, if there is abdominal pain, or marked symptoms of distress. 

Below are the most common homeopathic remedies to lessen and eliminate diarrhea. (Homeopathic patients often respond well to constitutional treatment.)

When pain or vomiting are intense, give the remedy every half hour for up to 10 doses. If 6c is not available, take 30c potency every hour. Reduce on improvement, which should be rapid.  If no change after two days, seek help. 

Take in a clean mouth, 20 minutes away from food or drink.

For food poisoning or acute gastrointestinal symptoms (pain in stomach or abdomen, violent vomiting/diarrhea, exhaustion, weakness consider ARSENICUM: This remedy can be virtually confirmed if the patient is restless, afraid, and needing company.  Thirst for small sips, chilliness, odorless stools, sometimes brought on by cold drinks, ice cream or overripe fruit.  Possible high fever 

Watery diarrhea and lots of it, cold sweat on forehead, chilly, collapse. Craves 

cold water.  VERATRUM 

For acute diarrhea the first remedy to think of is PODOPHYLLUM. Copious, frequent and smelly accompanied by flatulence and stomach cramps. Worse for eating and drinking and motion. Usually painless, yellow-green. Sometimes yawning and stretching is characteristic.

If digestive symptoms are worse in the evening, for a warm room,  for cold drinks, onions or rich fatty foods (especially ice cream)  and the stools differ,  sometimes diarrhea, sometimes not, consider PULSATILLA. This is a useful remedy for anyone with gastrointestinal symptoms. 

Extreme and constant nausea, unrelieved by vomiting (vomiting and may not be present, occurs after eating or drinking) Pain cuts and pinches. Flatulence. Stools are green or frothy with mucous. Increase in saliva. Rich, fatty foods are often responsible.  IPECAC

Spasmodic cramps, bending double (better for pressing the abdomen) or for a hot water bottle indicate the need for COLOCYNTHIS. Pains become worse after eating and especially after drinking.   Symptoms are often the result of anger or a feeling that he has not been treated fairly. Bowel movements provide relief, even if only temporary. COLOCYNTHIS  Also consider MAGNESIA PHOS when warmth provides relief. (Vomiting or diarrhea are rare in this case)

Acute gastroenteritis  – worse for motion, which triggers any or all: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain, attacks after eating or drinking, even the smallest amount of liquid – suggest BRYONIA. Better for pressure, lying on the painful area. Warm, irritable, wants to be left alone.

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