Period Pains and PMS

‘The curse’ is aptly named! My patients come seeking a way to navigate smoothly through this recurrent monthly phenomenon. Read on to learn how to decrease pains and lessen mood extremes through well-indicated homeopathic remedies.

Cramp-like pains in the lower belly accompanied by the mood swings, bloating and headaches of premenstrual symptom (PMS) herald the start of the monthly cycle for women.  Close to half these women are waylaid by period pains and an emotional rollercoaster ride, and find it hard to get on with things., or with people, for that matter. Tender breasts, fluid retention, heavy bleeding, leg or back pains and paralysing cramps thwart even the most cheerful. Some sufferers become irritable and aggressive (the raging bitch syndrome) or feel down. (No periods, occasional periods – amenorrhea or excessively heavy periods – menorrhagia – will benefit from other remedies; get in touch with me. If there is abnormal bleeding, see your doctor.)

The remedies to follow are top of my list to reduce and cut out PMS and period pains. 

If you have normal cycles and are relatively healthy, you can  alleviate debilitating physical symptoms and recapture mental equilibrium on your own. Of course, each woman experiences the menstruation cycle differently; the way it manifests is bound up with her individual state of health and how she copes. While everyone  will respond best to a constitutional remedy that addresses  the whole picture, these remedies may be a perfect  solution to the monthly curse.

Alongside the remedies below consider the following natural supports:


Lessen period pains with a tisane of cut fresh ginger pieces simmered in water or milk

A basil leaf tisane lessens heavy periods. 

A hot water bottle or heating pad on the abdomen does wonders for cramps and comforting.

Though you may not feel like it, moving truly helps. Yoga, specifically cat stretch and half shoulder stand, take pressure off the uterus.

Increase magnesium, iron, zinc and with brown rice, oats, nuts and pulses.

Reduce tension in a warm bath with clary sage or chamomile essential oil. For muscle tension put Epsom Salts in the water.

Address bloating with geranium or rosemary essential oils, and with dandelion tea

Warm up with angelica tisane (simmer 1 part angelica, 1 part ginger, 1 part chamomile in 1 pint water for 15 minutes)

Dandelion leaf tisane addresses weakness from lack of iron. 

Eat a healthy diet – reduce or better, eliminate salted or junk foods, tea and coffee and dairy products.  Focus on vegetables.

Vitamins and minerals lay a supportive foundation.  Brewer’s Yeast with its Vit B complex allays nerves, Vit C is an immune system support, Vit E protects tissues (and can be started three days before the period.) Magnesium, zinc iron chromium, evening primrose oil and pancreatic enzymes can be taken for a month. Calcium supports muscles. Kelp, with its high iodine content (none of us get enough!)  boosts the thyroid. A good multivitamin would cover most of these needs.


Peppermint tea eases PMS symptoms, as does seaweed (iodine content) which you can put into salads soups or stews.

Fluid retention is alleviated with dandelion tisane.

A juice of spinach, beetroot, carrots (and watercress, if available) makes a revitalising tonic

Cooked asparagus reduces tenderness in the breasts as well as bloating

The SEVEN remedies listed below have provided comfort and relief to many patients with PMS and Period Pains

Take 30c potency every 13 hours for duration of cycle and up to two weeks. Reduce on improvement.  In a clean mouth, 20 minutes away from food or drink.

My go-to top choice. Better for warmth (hot water bottle on abdomen). Cramps usually start before the flow and are less severe once it begins. Less severe when you put pressure on abdomen or bend knees, doubling up.  If cramps are acute and severe, dissolve 10 tablets of this remedy in a cup of hot water and sit every few minutes. MAG PHOS

Relief from bending double, from hard pressure, from lying on the stomach, from warmth. Restless with sudden, burning pains in ovaries.  Intense pains may cause vomiting or irritability. COLOCYNTHIS

Impatient and angry with the pain which is extremely strong and may be accompanied by diarrhoea, vomiting or fainting. Bad tempered Snaps at offers of help.  CHAMOMILLA

Intense painful cramps that may extend to the entire body. Coffee and stimulants, alcohol  make the pain worse. Worse for pressure, better for bowel movement. Constipation common. Chilly. Moody before and during the monthly, angry and impatient   NUX VOM

Delayed or suppressed period. Sudden tears, moody, feeling low. Irregularity of the monthly period, painful breasts. Cool, fresh air relieves. Changes in symptoms point to PULSATILLA

If period stops because of strong emotional shock, ACONITE. If there is grief or loss take IGNATIA instead

Throbbing, acute pains and a sudden, violent onset. Heavy feeling in reproductive organs. Better for straightening up. Headaches common. Worse for motion.  BELLADONNA                                                                              

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