Back to School Wobblies

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Summer’s over but I’d rather sleep in, wallow in the pool, indulge in late nights, eat outside…

Alas, school is here and that means homework, exams, presentations, essays. Read on to discover top homeopathic remedies to quell the anxiety that back-to-schoolers face.

Your kids don’t like change. Who does? Of course, change poses the greatest threat to newbies who have no idea what it will be like and mother won’t be there and lunch won’t be in the kitchen at home. New environments, strangers, subjects/studies set off alarm bells. Will I make the cut academically? Will the other students like me? Will I disgrace myself by not knowing what to do or by saying the wrong thing?  I’m not clever enough, not disciplined enough, I don’t test well….

Anticipation causes nervousness, trembling, stomach aches, weakness, tiredness, sadness and diarrhea.  The child is terrified of going out onto the stage, (figuratively speaking) freezes, stutters, cannot think straight.  Bad news can cause similar symptoms.

Consider Gelsemium the night before and the morning of the first day of school)

Like Gelsemium, there is marked anticipatory anxiety in Arg nit. Emotions are high, imagination, running wild. Diarrhea is often present. No confidence about a new situation, fear of difficulties. Extreme panic with restlessness and many fears. Your child may look scared. 

Shortness of breath and fear stamped on the face point to Aconite. These symptoms come on suddenly. The child wiggles around, cannot be still. This remedy also addresses banging palpitations and a feeling that he might faint. 

Plodding methodically children who get worked up about small things are the picture of Calc carb. Slow and stubborn, especially when worried, these children tend to sweat on their heads (neck, back of head, face) at night.

Clingers who have a strong attachment to mother’s skirt or father’s trouser leg would benefit from Pulsatilla. Weeping and frightened of being alone, they are better for consolation. They are mild-mannered, yielding. Overactive minds make it hard to go to sleep. Youngsters whine; teens are moody and withdrawn. 

Responsible, highly-organised control freaks who are restless and fidgety might need Arsenicum. They don’t like to be alone and are worried about health or disease. Pains often burn.

Are Back to School wobblies creating tension or physical discomforts?

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