A Pain in the Neck

it happens if you overdo it, over fret it, or suffer an accident. 

At some point, it happens to most of us. 

A stiff neck is the result of an injury to neck muscles and ligaments

What brings this on in children and teens? 

   your budding tennis player overworks his serving arm

   your soccer player is overly exuberant on the field  

   the resident Mozart engages in far too much violin playing (RSI)

   your computer geek slouches as he taps away on his phone or laptop.. for hours

   Mr Incredible shows off, heavy lifting at the gym

The result?  Throbbing pains, a bruised, sore feeling, tenderness and sensitivity, painful contraction of neck muscles, a headache. Later, the beginning of a cervical curve or a spine that goes out of alignment.  

Neck sprains and strains and spasms can also arise from sustained emotional tension or whiplash from a car accident.

If your daughter turns her whole body instead of only her head because the neck protests,  

if your son carries his head on one side (wry neck), if the slump so often that the back curves, they need seeing to. 

Here are top homeopathic remedies to soothe the pain, heal the sprain or the strain. Or halt the path to more serious damage to muscle ligaments and tendons (neck strain) and mend torn ligaments (a sprain). 

After a fall or a blow that overstrains neck muscles, Arnica is the first solution. Sore and bruised, the neck registers acute awareness of any pressure.

General stiffness and pain in the neck which may travel to the shoulders – whiplash or heavy weights on the shoulders? – is best addressed by Rhus tox. After the first movement, it feels better to keep moving worse to rest. A hot water bottle or a gentle massage can do wonders. 

Hypericum is another useful remedy for whiplash. Pain is extreme and the neck and upper arms are highly sensitive. The smallest movement of the arm or neck is almost unbearable. 

Neck pain that is worse for any movement and worse for touch is a sign that Byronia is needed.  “Leave me alone,” growls the patient. 

If your son carries his stiff neck to one side (torticollis) there is usually pain in the whole head which gets even worse if the head is bent backwards. The lesser-known remedy Lachnanthes often sorts a “wry necked” patient.

What matches the symptoms best? Get in touch with specifics.

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