Cystitis: remedies and home care

Do you feel discomfort when you try to pee? A constant urge tugs, making you anxious? When you do pee, maybe stinging or burning pains make it uncomfortable? Not much comes out. You feel tired and irritable and unwell. Read on for useful remedies and home care solutions that may nip Cystitis in the bid  – and will certainly ameliorate symptoms that persist, until you see the doctor

Cystitis is caused most often by bacteria (usually E coli) that enter the bladder through the urethra. About half the women in the West experience these symptoms at some point. Sometimes friction in the urethra during sex results in honeymoon cystitis. Whatever the origin, it is best not to ignore the condition if it persists. Bladder infections can travel to the kidneys. 

Urine is often darker in colour and may contain blood.  There is a dull, dragging feeling in the lower abdomen often accompanied by restless anxiety.

Alongside the homeopathic remedies below there are several  things you can doto alleviate and even erase symptoms: 

flush out your system and restore a healthy balance in the bladder; drink water – aim for 2.5 litres (5 pints) daily. Start with 1/2 litre (1 pint) every 20 minutes. 

Mix a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of filtered, room temperature or warm water and drink. This restores an alkaline presence to the bladder and reduces discomfort. Repeat every three or four hours for a day or so.

Stay away from tea, coffee, alcohol and rich heavy or spicy foods.  

Ease discomfort with a hot water bottle on abdomen or between thighs. 

Avoid antibiotics until urine is tested.

Wash waterworks area with only plain water.

Boost kidney function and restore the protective lining of bladder by drinking non-sugared cranberry juice. (health food stores.)

 Consider these two tissue salts:

Ferrum Phos supports bladder muscle, decreases swelling, irritation and redness

 Kali phos, a nerve nutrient cell salt, reduces minor pains and nervous debility and boosts energy.

Waterfall D-Mannose is a supplemental form of sugar that can prevent urinary tract infections and reduce burning sensations if UTI begins. It calms the bladder and diminishes need to urinate often. It stops recurrent acute cystitis and is said perform better than antibiotics. (Sweet Cures in the UK is a reliable brand.)

Uva Ursi herbal tea, from the evergreen ‘bearberry’ shrub, is said to treat urinary incontinence symptoms and lessen the likelihood and intensity of urinary tract infections.

Keep your middle warm with a ‘haramaki.’ (ask me for details)

Supplements:  Vitamin B complex, calcium, zinc, vitamin E and the omegas: 3, 6 and 9 found in  Evening Primrose Oil or Hemp Seed oil. 

Take daily exercise and engage in deep breathing and yoga practice; lay the foundation for a  productive and happy day.

Consider checking your hormone levels. Some of my 50+ patients benefit from taking homeopathic DHEA and Testosterone. Have hormone levels tested for depletion or excess; depleted DHEA and Testosterone are two possible causes for incontinence.

Homeopathic Remedies

These remedies complement conventional medical treatment for the same condition and may alleviate alleviate the need for any antibiotics. (Reduce on improvement.)  

Cantharis is the most frequently indicated remedy.  Frequent and urgent need to urinate but water is passed only a little at a time.  Intense burning pain in lower abdomen, especially when urinating. Irritable, aggressive disposition. Sex drive can be strong. Often there is a cold in the bladder. 

Apis  Aversion to heat (weather or drinks) and  preoccupied, jealous mind state. Indicated when patient is retaining water.  Burning, stinging feelings, occasional leaks on sneezing or coughing and frequent urging to go. 

Nat mur In chronic cases where patient feels offended, bereaved. For sensitive, closed and formal persons. Headache often present. Occasional leaks when coughing, sneezing, jumping or lifting heavy things.

Pulsatilla for mild-mannered, weepy, clingy people pleasers. Better for open air, worse for stuffy rooms.

Nux vom Non-stop pain in bladder. Irritable disposition. Better for warm applications, (hot water bottle)  Frequent painful urging: little result. 30c

Staphysagria burning sensation relieved by passing urine. Pain on urination, urging which endures.  Repressed anger can cause symptoms. Cystitis after intercourse.

Causticum frequent urge worse from coughing and sneezing. Helps when urine occasionally sneaks out often unnoticed during the day or night. 

Equisetum Full bladder, frequent urging, incontinence. If serious incontinence, take one pillule every day for 10 days.

Get in touch with your unique symptoms. I can recommend remedy and potency and dose.

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