Environmental Stress Remedies

If your fish is sick, clean the tank, they say. The fish gets better. 

We all know there are countless sources of environmental stress that poison the ‘tank’ we swim is less than ideal.  Airborne and waterborne chemicals, metals in our buildings and in the products we use, chemicals in what we eat and drink, loud or repetitive noises, electromagnetic radiation  from phones, WIFI, smart meters… etc, etc, etc.

While most of us  tolerate a low level of this kind of  pollution,  toxins pose a constant irritation which can challenge the immune  system. Over a  long period of exposure they may niggle  away at best health and make us all more vulnerable. 

Having  a strong immune system is optimal  while we maintain the lonely vigil of social distance rules, cope with wearing masks and sterilising hands in the months of 2020.  Not to mention coming in contact with someone who tests positive for Corona Virus.

A robust  person with a top functioning  immune system may not detect  environmental stressors. This is not true for those in poor health. They may struggle  with a chronic condition or take debilitating medication. Some may be  getting over an illness or recovering from a serious operation.  Others harbour a  propensity for a specific condition because  of family history. So what happens? Energy levels dip, they get tired faster and there is a disengagement, a disinclination to follow through or try new things. They can’t be their best selves.

What’s scary is that our terrain presents invisible poisons.  So invisible perhaps that the local governments don’t know of them, don’t regulate them or turn a blind eye.  I don’t mean to sound alarmist – I know I do. 

Factories  and the chemical industry discharge by-products into the soil or the air, and  some say jet planes spray chem trails high overhead.  Chemicals are in  cleaning products, in glue, paint and garden insecticides. Food and beverages  are modified (colours, flavour enhancers, emulsifiers, GMOs?) Plastic and rubber, pillows and carpet underlays off-gas vapours.  There are chemicals in  cosmetics, soaps , deodorants, shampoos and dyes, in sun screen creams, perfumes and toothpastes. There are fire, moth and mould repellents in our clothes and bedding and upholstery. Supermarkets and  offices may be host to asbestos, poor (fluorescent blue) light and  mouldy walls. Electromagnetic radiation  from cell phones and WIFI networks permeates our homes,  offices and  communal  urban areas. Workers in many  fields (dentists, garage mechanics, hairdressers, plumbers) inhale  fumes to do their jobs. The lungs, the  liver, the eyes, the nose and the skin suffer the consequences.  Later the brain and the heart can be compromised. 

What can you do?

Pay attention to the  terrain; keep it clean and fresh.  Your immune system will thank you.  It will allow any procedure you undergo to heal more swiftly and any meds you take to work more efficiently.

You know what might be out there. Take note of what you put into your body. It matters what you eat. Food cravings?  What can you do to curb them?  Can you plan ahead so you put in what is healthy?  If you lack sleep, how can you create a better environment? (see my post on anxiety and sleeplessness ) If you don’t exercise, start. Read labels on clothing and cleaning products. Turn off WIFI at night. Keep your cell on airplane mode when you don’t need it. (You don’t need it as much as you think.) 

There are tests (blood, urine,  hair analysis, saliva tests, hearing, vision, kinesiology, stethoscope exam, spirometry ) to find out if there is an excess of metal  in your body, if your lungs are working properly,  if you are allergic to a certain food, if your adrenals are burned out ,if you hear and see as you should.


Homeopathy offers  remedies that  counter effects of  many of the poisons mentioned above.  Once you can pinpoint what is causing your debility,   you know you are sensitive. Below are  a few homeopathic  solutions  that address common causes of environmental stress.  Get in touch with me for specific concerns.

Take 30c, once daily, for a week and pay attention to whether symptoms are alleviated. Take 20 minutes away from food or drink. Reduce on improvement.

Hay fever sufferers would benefit from a mixed pollen solution, based on local trees. Local pharmacies offer such a remedy. Ask for ‘Pollini ed Erbe Misti’ (see my post on Hay Fever)

General chemical sensitivity resulting in colds, coughs and sore throats. Arsenicum 

Tobacco smoke causing headache, indigestions, light sleep and not enough  Ignatia Amara OR smoke fumes causing toothache, headache, palpitations, chest pains   Spigelia.

Radiation causes exhaustion, sleepiness (wakes unrefreshed no matter how much sleep) head and back aches joint and muscle aches. Itchy rash. Depressed, irritable.  Radium bromatum

Gas fumes causing dizziness, sleepiness, trembling with cold sweat. Weak. Heavy headache, irrigating cough. Vison not well focused. Carbonium sulphurate  OR gas fumes cause sluggishness, mental and physical, feeling drugged, hot and sweaty. Opium

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