Homeopathic Rx to alleviate Anxiety and Sleeplessness

Anxiousness may be one of the most widespread emotional and mental states in Western society.  Homeopathy can help. Worry about what has happened or will happen, increase heart rate, clammy skin, sleep and appetite troubles affect large percentages of the population. Read on for homeopathic solutions.

Severe symptoms include shortness of breath, chest pains, sweating.. . yes, similar to a heart attack. Of course we are anxious about dangers – and this is a useful reaction to a threat. We worry when we confront a difficult situation failure, inability   to recover from illness, house move or job loss,  the struggles of a loved one. But when anxiety becomes more or less permanent – when we worry all the time then our overall comportment suffers. Depression, compulsion, obsession, and rigidity may make it impossible to cope. ‘This armor ultimately blocks us from living fully and from relating to others with spontaneity, ease and openheartedness’, says Tara Brach, Buddhist spiritual guru on America’s East Coast. Physical illness is often the end product. 

It seems to me that after middle years, even though we know ourselves better and are wiser, our ability to cope when things go wrong decreases. Our bodies have less capacity. Hormones that used to balance us are less productive, sometimes gone.  Energy can be depleted. Physically, we are weaker. If we take medications on a regular basis, we are continually asking our organs and systems to make allowances.

Those who suffer from anxiety often turn to conventional medicine. They want to stop worrying, shift negative patterns, to boost energy, allow a full night’s sleep or adjust diet problems  so the Tranquilisers, beta-blockers and stimulants can work. Usually at the price of side effects.  In the short run, these meds restore balance. In the long run, they can   drive a malady further inside and cause organ and system dysfunction.

Sourcing the fundamental reason for the stress is the best way forward. This requires constitutional treatment. If that stress can be effectively treated, the symptoms of anxiety will disappear.  Sometimes it cannot be cured, sometimes it cannot be found. 

Below are the top main homeopathic remedies for chronic anxiety:

Take 6c potency every two hours for up to 10 doses. If 6c is not available, take 30c potency three -four times daily. Reduce on improvement.  If no chance after three days, seek an alternative.  Check out effective supplements.

Take in a clean mouth, 20 minutes away from food or drink.

Insecure, restless, chilly, tired, fussy: things must be in place. Blames others: critical.  Afraid of losing control. ARSENICUM

Skittish as a racehorse, excitable :  sensitive to thoughts and feelings of others, anxious when alone: happy for reassurance – affectionate.  Cannot concentrate.  Worse thunderstorms,  PHOSPHORUS

New situtations, before van exam, performance in front of an audience cause anxiousness. Fear of failure.  Poor concentration. Lack of self-confidence.  Can be flatulent.  Wants to be alone. LYCOPODIUM

Many fears. Sensitive to sad tragic events.  Forgetful, easily gains weight, worried about future, own sanity. Dull. Sluggish and slow. Stubborn. Health concerns. Worse for mental exertion, the  cold. CALCAREA

Dwelling on morbid subjects, unpleasant events. Unforgiving/resentful. Worried before exam. Easily embarrassed. Private: worse for sympathy and loss.  Depressed but cannot cry except when alone.  Irritable. NAT MUR

Anxiety after loss of loved one or break up of relationship (grief or disappointment). Depressed, conscientious, moody, sensitive. Worse for consolation.  Lonely. Tearful – weeps involuntarily.  IGNATIA

Nerves zooming out of control due to overwork. Angry, quarrelsome.  Hurried, hyperactive and impatient.  Destructive. Disobedient and shuns reprimand. Sensitive to music and dancing. Difficult to let go and relax. Cannot go to sleep easily.  TARENTULA 

*for other natural alternatives see my post: Best Ways to alleviate Anxiety and Sleeplessness alongside Homeopathy.

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