Homeopathic Remedies for Summertime Stings & Bites

Ah, at last, bright sun and warm weather and the lure of going barefoot in the grass. Summer offers a cornucopia of fruity delights – revel in them!

Should something interfere –  too much sun, a relentless itch or a painful sting – turn to homeopathy for a solution.

Below are the top main homeopathic remedies to turn to:

Give every five minutes for up to 10 doses. If 6ch is not available, take 30ch potency. Take in a clean mouth, 20 minutes away from food or drink. Reduce on improvement.

Stings & Bites


Quickly remove stinger of bee or wasp. Use ice pack to slow spread of poison.  

If the sting is not too severe, undiluted  Ledum tincture, applied topically, should antidote the venom.  Calendula/Hypericum or Urtica urens tincture if Ledum not available.

Go to nearest emergency room if patient is having trouble breathing, if fainting  or confusion occur, if mouth or throat swell, if there is a known allergy, if sx worsen.

Apis 30ch  burning (hot) stinging pains with a rosy swelling. Puffy. Worse from heat. Bee and jellyfish stings. If hives develop  after bite.  Subdues allergic reaction while enroute to hospital   

Ledum 30ch  Puncture wounds and bee stings when Apis does not work. Wasp stings.  Tick bites.  (Lyme disease requires specialist homeopathic care. Get in touch for  support) Particularly effective when bite is on  limbs, hands. Affected parts may feel cold to the touch and is relieved by cold applications.

Cantharis 30ch  Wound is red, inflamed, and burning

Carbolic acid 30ch for anaphylactic shock or collapse from bee or wasp sting. Hives covering body

Hypericum 30ch if severe pain shoots up from injury this  indicates that nerves have been affected. Usually in limbs.

Staphysagria 30ch for large, irritating mosquito bites, especially in children.


Keep patient calm and ensure that bitten part is kept below level of heart. Move slowly and as little as possible so as not to spread venom.

Carbolic acidum 6ch  face is dusky read pale around nose and mouth. Languid with keen sense of smell. (Vomiting) with feeble pulse, slow shallow breathing

Crotalus horridus  6ch in serious cases after snake (rattlesnake) bit  Rapid swelling and discoloration around bite. Sensitive to jarring

Lachesis 6ch purple discoloration around the snake bite. Possible oozing of dark blood. Tarantula bite.

Bites in general

Androctonus 30ch or, if not available, Ledum  30ch for scorpion bite

Tarant cub 6ch Blueness and burning

Oxidum acidum 6ch when affected part is cold and numb. Violent pains and trembling. Streaks of rash around site of bite

Anacardium 6ch rashes or itchy bumps from poisonous plants. 

Mochus 6ch  If patient faints, cannot breathe properly.

Arnica 30ch  swelling and bruising and pain

It’s Too Darn Hot

Heat stroke victims  have hot, red skin. Perspiration could be profuse or absent.  Pulse is fast and strong. Patient may be confused, and  faint.  Headache,  nausea or trouble seeing are common complaints. They should be cooled immediately. Loosen clothing and move to shade. Ice packs or cold water sponging will bring down temperature. Avoid more exposure to heat.

Apis 30ch  Prickly heat.  Serious itchiness and prickles because of damp heat, too much clothing, overweight.

Glonoine 30ch  Sun/heat stroke  Face flushed, hot sweaty. Bursting, throbbing headache in waves. Better for open air, uncovering. Worse for bending head back.

Belladonna 30ch as above but less intense. Skin is dry and flushed.  Pupils dilated. Better  for bending head back, uncovering head.

Sol 30ch  Sunburn – take  every 4 hours. Also take Sol 30ch every 4 hours as a preventative if you have a tendency to heat stroke and find the heat difficult.  (both  remedies can be gaken  up to ten times every four hours)

Rad Brom + Sol + x-ray (all 30 ch potency) for serious sunburn

Topical applications of aloe vera gel or Urtica urens ointment will soothe sunburn.

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