Spotty Teens

And we thought the terrible twos were tricky!  When the hormones come marching in they bring a parade of stresses caused by the physical and emotional shifts they trigger.

Puberty can be delayed or premature and when it does come it can  confuse  and frighten the child whose body is changing.  Peer pressures,  academic performance create insecurity, uncertainty,  fears and low self-esteem. Identity and belonging issues challenge friend and family relations.

Homeopathy offers an array of useful remedies for emotional and physical support. Read on to learn of five top remedies that address a top teen trouble:  Acne. Future posts will address common emotional discomforts of growing up.


 Natural solutions include patting  the  face  twice daily with witch hazel . Occasionally wash gently with  a mild antiseptic solution. Avoid chocolate, soda oily and processed foods. Increase exposure to the sun, take Vitamins A and B and zinc. 

Take 6 ch potency three times a day for two weeks. (If 6ch is not available, take 30c potency once daily). Reduce on improvement. Take in a clean mouth, 20 minutes away from food or drink.

Sulphur: Chronic condition with hard rough skin, made worse by washing. Itchy pimples. Especially if patient runs hot and has occasional morning diarrhoea,

Hepar Sulph: Painful pimples large, like boils. 

Sepia: Menstruation makes acne worse.

Kali brom:  Itchy pimples, restless sleep with bad dreams

Ant Tart:  Pimples pus-filled and long lasting

Pulsatilla:  Acne worse after eating rich, fatty foods. Especially indicated for (weepy) blondes who improve in open air.

Get in touch for other  adolescent conditions such as delayed puberty, body odour or anorexia.

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