Cold & Canker Sores


Are they the same thing? Nope. You may be unfortunate enough to get them both! Read on for effective ways to treat them.


 Cold sores (fever blisters or herpes simplex type 1) are groups of painful, fluid-filled blisters outside the mouth. They are extremely contagious. Also, cold sores typically appear outside the mouth– usually under the nose, around the lips, or under the chin. 

Canker sores occur inside the mouth on the tongue or the inside of the cheeks or throat. 

Both are often caused by stress, sometimes by allergies, or low immune function. Many  remedies work for either

What to you put inside your body – for EITHER 

Vitamin C helps decrease the  duration. Vitamin E can relieve  pain. Vitamin B complex should boost the immune system and reduce stress. 

Lysine can stop the virus from spreading. Find it  in dairy products and  potatoes. 

Plain yogurt with live cultures  boost the immune system. Garlic, raw vegetables. sunflower and pumpkin seeds, seafood, eggs and turkey do the same.

Avoid arginine in foods such as peanuts, chocolate, seeds, cereals.

Colloidal silver and mushroom extracts  are known to have   beneficial healing properties. 

Consider checking thyroid function – too low? Consider checking the balance of  acids to alkalines. Sometimes toothpaste is the culprit. Avoid  those with sodium laureth sulphate 

COLD SORES (outside mouth)

What to put on them: 

Try the homeopathy first – or you will not be sure what has worked. Grapefruit seed extract. Mix this  with olive oil and lightly clean the sores – the antibacterial properties can  work magic.


Take  6ch potency, 4 x day, for three days. Reduce on improvement. If no improvement, stop. (If no 6ch, take 3 x day)

Nat Mur Tingling burning pains,  numbness. If depressed and sensitive but keeping this inside. Early stages.  Cracks in the tongue or in middle of bottom lip. Possible headache.

Rhux tox  Tingling, or itching. Cracked or blistered, especially if fluid  is seeping from  blister. Mouth and chin affected.

Sepia  sad and frustrated  (leave me alone) disposition, no energy  but feels better for movement. 

Arsen Alb   Anxious and irritable disposition. Burning pains. Better for warm applications.

Borax   small read blisters worse for salt or acid. Hot, tender mouth with bitter taste.

Nat Mur or Arsenicum (see COLD SORES) if Borax is ineffective and you have tried for three days.

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