Homeopathic Remedies for Sprains and Strains

Oops!  ‘Next time –  I’ll get some help when I lift that … I’ll stretch before I run… I’ll watch where I step.’

Sprains and strains hurt and take time to heal. Swelling and stiffness occur. When you move the joint or muscle: ouch!  Symptoms are almost identical for a sprain – when you overstretch or tear a ligament or a strain – when muscle fibres may be torn. You will know if a bone is fractured:  you cannot move the affected part/put weight on the foot or leg. The pain is close to intolerable.  A doctor would must likely suggest an ultrasound (ecografia) or, if a break is suspected, an x-ray (radiografia).

Use a cold compress or ice to decrease swelling. Light bandaging with a stretchy fabric should also reduce inflammation.  (see image above)  Elevate the affected part.  If there is no change to the pain and inflammation after 24 hours, then it’s time for a visit to a hospital A&E (pronto soccorso*) 

If you have pulled a muscle, turned your ankle, sprained a finger, a wrist, a ligament or hurt your knee or your back, homeopathy can help enormously, and may even eliminate the need for other support.**

Rub  Arnica cream or gel on the area (not where skin is broken) 

Take Arnica 30ch every half hour. This addresses shock, reduces bleeding in tissues and  decreases sore, bruised feeling. Reduce on improvement:

Then, four times a dayuntil pain and stiffness dissipate: (if 6ch is not available, take 30ch, two to three times daily)

If you are forgetful or busy, put one pillule into a bottle of filtered water and sip throughout the day.

Rhus tox6ch if pain increases on first movement but eases thereafter. Hot, torn muscles, swollenjoints.

Ruta 6ch Tendons or ligamentsare strained. This repairs torn tendons and ligaments and reduces bruising on the covering of the bones. 

Bryonia 6ch  Slightest movement is excruciatingbecause joint is very inflamed

Ledum 6ch  cold, numb, swollenjoint that feels better for cold application.

Hypericum 30ch two times a day if there is nerve damageto the extremities; you’ve caught your finger in the door, fallen on your coccyx, crushed your toe, suffered a puncture wound.  Pain is worse if you touch it or from cold applications. 

*as A&E often entails many hours of waiting, you may want to consider the Misercordia di Firenze, which, for a fee, staffs doctors who can see you fairly promptly. Find details here: https://www.misericordia.firenze.it/Prenotazioni

**Tip one pillule into the cap of the vial, and then tip the contents under your tongue. Take Rx 20 in a clean mouth, 20 minutes away from food or drink.

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