Homeopathic Remedies for Colds

It’s sunny and warm; spring is here and off you go on a walk. Without a jacket. Alas, there’s a cold nip in the wind and clouds obscure the sun. Soon, shivers replace your sense of well-being. At home you sneeze or shiver, cough or clutch at a sudden sore throat. Consider the natural benefits of homeopathy as a first port of call. 

The gentle, holistic therapy plays an important role in treating many acute respiratory infections. It can help long-term lung conditions, including asthma, and reduce susceptibility to infection. With the remedies below you may nip a cold in the bud: relieve congestion, alleviate a sore throat, shorten the duration and boost overall energy.


Sudden onset of a cold, after exposure to cold, dry wind. Sneezes. Hot throat, restless. Worse at night. There may be a fever, a head ache, a stuffed up nose wih not much mucous.

Natrum mur

Early stages of colds that often start with sneezing and are  worse in the morning. Mucous like thin raw egg white. Later the nose is blocked. Cold sores. Doesn’t want sympathy.


Sudden onset with a high temperature. Hot, dry burning skin. Photophobic. Sore throat: worse right side, swallowing painful.  Watery mucus, usually from only one nostril.  Sneezy. Very thirsty. Coughing and headaches are common.

Nux v

Irritable, nervous and busy, this patient is chilly when he has a cold.  Nose runs in daytime and is stopped up at night.  He’s worse in the morning and worse from the stimulants he indulges in.


Yellow green phlegm which can change for thin to thick or vv, nasal congestion, loss of smell.  This patient appreciates being cared for. Usually thirstless. Symptoms change often.


Sensation of peeling an onion: watering eyes (bland), running nose (burning). Worse in the evening. Concentration difficult. Better in fresh air.

Hepar sulph

A truly stuffy nose with thick, yellow-green mucous. Infection spreads to ears, throat. Irritable, chilly, sensitive to cold drafts which brought on the cold and sneezing. Smelly sweat.

Arsenicum album

For the restless, chilly, weak patient wh  sneezes and prefers to be in a warm room. For an early stage cold when phlegm is thin and watery and burning. Patients feel the nose is stuffed up despite this.

Ferrum Phos

Early stages of a cold with slow onset. Mild fever only. Nosebleeds. Almost no symptoms. Circular patches of flushed face

How do you avoid getting a cold in the first place?

Well, no harm in bringing a jacket or a scarf when you go out.

Keep hands clean and don’t touch your face when they’re not.  If a family member is down with the lurghy, clean tables, door handles, light switches – whatever surface is commonly touched. “Noseface” doesn’t mean it but he spreads germs wherever he goes. Give him is own towel and utensils; no need to share just now.

Put in good fuel: enough sleep, a healthy diet and frequent exercise build strong immunity

Here are a few supplements and tisanes to go alongside the remedy:

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