Homeopathic Remedies for Colds

It’s sunny and warm; spring is here and off you go on a walk. Alas, there’s a chilly nip in the wind and clouds obscure the sun. Soon, shivers replace your sense of well-being. At home you recognise the start of a cold. Consider homeopathy as a first port of call. 

The gentle, holistic therapy of homeopathy plays an important role in treating many acute respiratory infections. It can help long-term lung conditions, including asthma, and reduce susceptibility to infection. With the remedies below you may nip a cold in the bud, relieve congestion, alleviate a sore throat, shorten the duration and boost overall energy.

Many people find useful preventative and supportive benefits in supplements and tisanes. Find these in a second post: `Supplements to Ward Off a Cold’

Takepotency 6cof the indicated remedy, unless stated otherwise. Repeat every 2 hrs up to 4 doses. Reduce on improvement and stop when significantly better. 

Aconite 30c

Sudden onset, after exposure to cold, dry wind. Sneezes. Hot throat, restless. Worse at night


Flu symptoms. Sluggish, shivery. Achy limbs. Heavy feeling

Natrum mur

Early stages. Sneezing worse in am, mucous like raw egg white. Nose blocked. Cold sores. Don’t want sympathy.


Sudden onset, high temperature. Hot, dry burning skin. Photophobic. Throat: worse right side. Very thirsty.

Nux v

Irritable, chilly. Nose runs in daytime, stopped up at night. 


Sweating, sneezing. Thick yellow green phlegm. Saliva. Bad breath.


Crave attention and sympathy. No thirst.


Lots of phlegm, Eyes burning and streaming. Worse at night.


Sensation of peeling an onion: watering eyes. running nose. Better in fresh air.

Bryonia 30c

Cough, which makes headache worse, very thirsty (dry mouth). Grumpy bear. Want to be left alone. Worse from slightest movement.

Hepar sulph

Thick, yellow-green mucous. Infection spreads to ears, throat. Irritable, chilly, sensitive to drafts. Smelly sweat.

Ferrum Phos

Early stages. Slow onset. Mild fever only. Nosebleeds. Not certain what kind of cold. Circular patches of flushed face

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