Homeopathic Remedies and Supplements pre and post surgery

Calm your nerves and prepare for an operation, especially when hospital admission is unexpected and after an accident.  Reduce inflammation, bleeding and pain.  Lower stress levels and address any shock registered.  By nurturing your mind and body, recover more swiftly and more comfortably.

The remedies below should serve you well before or enroute to the hospital and during convalescence. 

Recommended dosage:onetablet or pill, repeated at half-hour intervals – reducing as symptoms lessen. Take 30c potency unless otherwise indicated. Reduce to 3 times daily, and take less as symptoms abate. For a week to 10 days after surgery. Stop when symptoms disappear. 

Pre-surgery panic and fear:ACONITE  the night before and the morning of the operation  (see trembling)

Pre-surgery trauma: ARNICA (unless taking blood thinners) toreduce bleeding and bruising and pain during surgery take this Rx just beforehand.  Also reduces shock.  If you can only take one Rx around with you, this is it.

Apprehension, weakness and trembling:  GELSEMIUM the night before and the morning of the operation.

to relieve vomiting after anaesthesia: PHOSPHORUS 6c. Great thirst yet inability to keep anything down confirm the need for this Rx. This can also be taken the night before to reduce effects. One dose may be enough. 

to reduce bleeding and bruising and prevent infectionpost surgery: ARNICA 

if pain continues and for signs of infections try STAPHYSAGRIA 6c after Arnica

Staphysagria heals lacerated tissues and addresses anger. It is especially indicated for episiotomy following labour.

Injuries to nervesand ends of fingers, toes.  For punctured wound. For nervous depression and shock: HYPERICUM

to restore vitality and promote speedy wound healingwith CALENDULA. 

Injuries to deep tissue, aftermajor surgery to reduce bruising: BELLIS PERENNIS 6c, three times daily Especially useful in abdominal, uterine and breast  surgery. This often follows Arnica, which would be given in the first two81 days. 

Clean woundsby bathing with HYPERICUM and CALENDULA tincture solution

If scars form or endure

consider SCAR TISSUE MIX 6x  (ask me in advance)

This combines Graphites, Hydrastis, Silica and Thiosinaminium.

THIOSINAMINIUM 12x and CALC FLOUR 12X can be taken once or twice daily by adults.

Keloid growthwill often dissolve with SILICA 6c 

Without doubt, a stronger strength of ARNICA – between 200c and 1M – will hasten healing. Take Arnica 200c potency hourly for three doses immediately after the operation.

SURGERY MIX(30c or 200c) combines Arnica, Hypericum, Calendula Staphysagria and Bellis Perennis. No Arnica if taking blood thinners. Take 2 to3 times daily for 7 -10 days after the  procedure.  (ask me in advance)

HOW TO TAKE homeopathy remedies:Twenty minutes away from food or drink.  The dose (one tablet or pill) should be tipped into the cap of the vial or onto a clean palm and then transferred to the mouth, ideally under the tongue. It will dissolve without water. (One pill is enough per dose: frequency intensifies the effect, not number of pills taken.)

If the patient cannot swallow tablets, crush one between two clean teaspoons, mix with a tiny bit of filtered water and put under tongue.

Supplements to support surgery

Todecrease anxiety and restore calm take three drops of BACH’S RESCUE REMEDY under the tongue or put three drops in a glass of water and sip as needed. If Rescue Remedy not available, try Arnica.

If taking antibiotics, restore healthy florawith a recommended probiotic.

If scars form or endure, consider SCAR TISSUE MIX  (above) or a topical application of HELICRYSUM oil.

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