Homeopathy for Injuries

HYou take a spill, put your back out, catch your finger in the door. Ouuuuuch!  Sharp pains, persistent muscle spasms, inflamed angry knees. Maybe you are a slow healer or you have a propensity to turn your ankle, bump into things. Or an arm or a leg has been out of function for awhile and is now barking: ‘nope!’ A first natural remedy to reach for is homeopathy. Why? No side effects, for starters. And for speedy healing, which banishes stiffness and restriction and puts you on your feet sooner. Better yet, homeopathy restores your confidence alongside the physical improvements

Sport injuries & Physical Trauma

Homeopathy, the world’s second most popular healing system, can quickly reduce and eliminate inflammation and pain from physical trauma. Your reinforced immune system will lessen the possibility of a repeat injury. 

Overdoing it in a gym can cause torn ligaments.   Practicing a new sport too long may lead to Repetitive Stress Injury.  A slip can fracture a bone. Like a slap in the face, you are yanked out of circulation. One minute you were flying around town, accomplishing numerous goals. Now you’re sitting on the sofa, hot water bottle on your back or ice packs around your knee. And worse, there could be fear:if I move, it will hurt. There is indignity and despair:argh, I’m old; I will never use that damaged part again. Time for the zimmer frame and knitting needles. Time to howl at the moon. Aaawooooooooooooo.

Not so fast! Homeopathy treats both acute injuries or long term conditions that pester you with a slow burn or chronic flare-ups. Expedite healing and recover youthful energy by finding the remedy that best reflects your situation. Recover your best self. Find a list of the five most common homeopathic Rx for physical trauma below. If you’re not sure what to take, or how much, or how often, ask me. 

Find the following Rx at your local pharmacy. Here’s what you do:

Take 30c potency. Reduce on improvement. Rub Arnica cream or gel on the area (not where skin is broken).. Take one pill, three to four times a day, until pain and stiffness dissipate. Reduce on improvement.  If you are forgetful or busy, put one pill into a bottle of filtered water and sip throughout the day. If pain is strong to unbearable, or if it persists after above treatment, you will want something stronger: get in touch. 

Arnica nicknamed the Sportsman Remedy is the first go to remedy for sport injuries and physical trauma. Take directly after the incident to reduce bruises, internal bleeding and swelling around a joint, to diminish pain and to calm whatever shock and upset you experience first hand.  Helps black eye to heal faster.

Rhus toxworks on strains, sprains, and other physical injuries that are worse on first motion.  The affected part demonstrates a ‘creaky gate syndrome’  – painful and stiff at first, easier to move after a while. Cold and damp make the aches and pains worse, warmth makes them better. Can be useful for muscle troubles and repetitive stress injury or over doing things.

Ruta gravoften follows Arnica. It has a deeper action than Rhus tox, addressing cartilage, ligament and tendon pains. Tearing pains and lameness, especially when that comes about after strong exertion, lessen and disappear, if this is the right Rx.

Hypericum works on nerves. If you fall on your coccyx, bruise your spinal column, or bang your head, this is often the first treatment.  The extremities – fingers and toes – respond well to Hypericum. (Also consider Apis if the finger is hot and swollen with stinging pains) Good for extreme or long-lasting pain. 

Symphytum  (the herb, comfrey) has a nickname, knit-bone – because it can swiftly heal fractures. (Use only if the bone is already set, if that needs to happen.)  This is a useful treatment when healing is slow and connective tissue has been ripped.  Symphytym can heal the pain in the eyeball if the eye has been struck.

Bryonia works well on patients who are worse for the slightest jarring or motion. More movement worsens things. The injured joint is swollen, though not so much as when Arnica is needed. Patients don’t want to be touched or disturbed: grumpy bears)  

HOW TO TAKE homeopathy remedies:  

Twenty minutes away from food or drink.  The dose (one tablet or pill) should be tipped into the cap of the vial, ideally under the tongue. It will dissolve without water. (One pill is enough per dose: frequency of dose intensifies the effect, not number of pills taken at one time.)

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