Remedies for Your Travel Kit

Have kit, will travel! And keep healthy along the way. These low potency remedies may serve you well if a pharmacy is not nearby.

Dosage: one 6c pillule – the frequency intensifies the effect, not number of pills taken. (Can repeat up to five or six times daily as needed.  Reduce on improvement. If you can only get 30c, reduce frequency to three times a day.

Bruises and blows, after injury ARNICA reduces the impact of blows and bruises and any internal bleeding. For soft tissues of the muscles. This is what goats nibble on in the mountains when they bump themselves. 

For earache if eternal ear is hot and bright red, swollen, and for fear, be it reasonable or not. Restless anxiety. Very thirsty? take ACONITE 

For earache if tearing pain throughout ear, worse lying down, better sitting up: BELLADONNA   Put 3 – 5 drops of warm olive oil into ear canal via eye dropper, wait 3 min. Ferrum Phos tissue salts (3-5 tables dissolved in HOT water) at first sing of infection. Quickly flip head to other side to let drain. Repeat. This bears repeating for a few days until all symptoms are gone. 

Hangover. Oversensitivity. Nausea with headache. Irritable. Or if overindulging in food drink, stimulants. Take NUX VOMICA

For stomach upsets and diarrhoea from poor quality or tainted food.  Or for Food poisoning. Burning pains in gastrointestinal tract. Better from warmth. Nausea. Weakness, restlessness and burning bum after voiding. Take ARSENICUM. Also boil fresh chopped ginger root in water for @10 min until water is reduced by half and drink.

If stool is covered in mucous jelly: ALOE SOC

If belly is swollen and stool escapes without warning or pain, if feeling weak: CHINA

If there are cramps and explosive stool: PODOPHYLLUM

For sunburn.  when skin is hot, red, dry with feeling of internal burning with severe headache, worse for pressure, noise, movement. Slight nausea Take BELLADONNA. If no headache but yes other symptoms: Cantharis. And overall remedy for sunburn: SOL

If seasick or carsick try COCCULUS. (try ARNiCA if you don’t have Coccolus) This addresses dizziness. It also helps jet leg by amending sleep wake cycles . For this take in the night and the morning two days before trip and the day of the flight. ARNICA also helps jetlag. Take the day before, and then before and after actual flight.

Afraid of flying? Try ACONITE if the fear is intense and unreasonable … feeling that you might die .. plane crash. Restless and thirsty. Bach Flower Rescue Remedy will keep you calm during and after the flight. A few drops in your water bottle. Lavender oil soothes and acts as an anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic.

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