Bright Energy Connections Keep Us Vibrant

Dear patients, past, present and future,

I hope this finds you happy and healthy. As happy and healthy as can be expected, just now. Humour helps  me greet each day with enthusiasm and inspiration. May it get you through, too.

I write to offer a reminder of how to keep your body happy under lockdown. 

Fear is more contagious than any virus, it seems. Being positive and reinforcing that good energy, physically, can go along way to sustaining you.

Should you have been exposed or should you be experiencing symptoms  of Coronavirus, skilled practitioners have put together a useful chart of the homeopathic remedies that have been the most effective to date. Homeopathy was far more effective than conventional medicine in treating the Spanish flu epidemic. Get in touch if you would like me to send this.

On the natural body front, below  is a list reminding you what to do and what to eat. You know this… yet, sometimes, when someone tells me what I know, I do something about it!

what to do

take exercise – yoga or core

get sun – take walks – tricky, yet you must empty the trash and buy food

sleep long and well

watch or read what makes you laugh

be grateful for what you have

engage in comforting acts – a cup of tea, a bath, gardening inside

clean cupboards and shelves: throw away what you don’t need

lavender essential oil – burn in diffuser, apply to temples, wrists

make the meals you serve beautiful with little touches (varied colours, carrot sticks next to  hummus sprinkled with sunflower seeds, a fan of pear slices with lime juice)

what to eat:

drink tonnes of water

garlic and onion family – no one can smell your breath online

yogurt, kefir or miso (fermented things)

fresh leafy green vegetables (smoothies!)

fresh fruit


chia seeds

ginger – I have an immune system ‘ginger shot’ recipe


olive oil

nuts and seeds

broccoli, cauliflower 

Vitamin D and C

probiotic and zinc

Yours in good health,